Kaplan 20 Minute Workout, Problem Solving Questions, SC, Permutations and Combinations, 690 (Q48, V36), 740 (Q45, V47), TOEFL

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Kaplan 20 Minute Workout – free to use and features good explanations
Problem Solving Questions – a collection of 50 tough questions
SC – learn through these helpful videos

Permutations and Combinations – an ebook by The Delta Course
690 (Q48, V36) – what I should have done differently
740 (Q45, V47) – are adcoms expecting lawyers to have a higher quant score?

TOEFL – everything you need to prepare for the test
TOEFL and IELTS – how do the two tests differ?
TOEFL – speaking and writing templates
GRE prep – how to build your vocabulary

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