e-GMAT Offers Verbal Score Improvement, Guaranteed

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Looking to improve your GMAT verbal score in your next attempt, look no further - e-GMAT now offers up to 4 points verbal score improvement guarantee. Note, according to GMAC, the average test taker improves only 1.8 points (on a 60 point scale) on GMAT verbal. With e-GMAT you can be rest assured that you will improve at least twice that amount. While there are few other test prep companies that offer score improvement guarantee, they take into account your quant score improvement (average improvement 2.8 pts as per GMAC).  e-GMAT is the only test prep company that offer’s verbal score improvement guarantee.

We have been doing this for a while: With over 25 – 700+ scores and numerous 650+ we have been delivering un-paralleled verbal score improvement for a while.  Check out testimonials  by  Aprajita (GMAT 760, 12 pt improvement), Francisco (GMAT 680, 8 point improvement), Kavya (730, 7 pt. improvement), Ramit (740, 10 pt) for tips on how to prepare and improve your Verbal score.  Check out our GMATClub page for more testimonials.

What is the guarantee and who is eligible for score improvement guarantee?

e-GMAT guarantees the following score improvement:

  1. 3 point score improvement (out of 60) if you have less than 30 days before your GMAT exam or if your baseline score is greater than or equal to 38. Note that your latest GMAT score is taken as baseline for improvement.
  2. 4 point score improvement (out of 60) if you have more than 30 days before your GMAT exam. Note that your latest GMAT score is taken as baseline for improvement.

Note, only those who have an official score report prior to e-GMAT course purchase are eligible for an improvement guarantee.

Terms and Conditions for the Guarantee: The score improvement guarantee is offered only to our Verbal Live Complete customers who send us their official score report within 3 days of purchasing the course. You must meet the following conditions to be eligible:

  1. You must have appeared for the GMAT at least once within the past 12 months and must have an official score report. This guarantee is only for re-takers i.e. those who have already appeared for the GMAT once.
  2. You must complete all our concept, application, and UGE exercise files and score 80+ points on them. Note that you may retake the certain files if you don’t score 80 in the first attempt. Doing so does not invalidate the guarantee.
  3. You must attend all live sessions within 60 days of enrolling in the course. Note that we complete 1 batch every 30 days.  Attending a live session means showing up for class no later than 10 minutes after the designated start time and attending till the end.
  4. You must take at least 2 mock tests before your next GMAT and share the score reports with us.
  5. You must attempt all 4 workshops. If your workshop analysis indicates that you are not ready to take the GMAT, then you must take the suggested corrective actions and ensure that you take the GMAT only after you have successfully executed the corrective actions.  If you take the GMAT without incorporating the suggested corrective actions, then the guarantee will be invalidated.

What happens if you do the above and your score still does not improve?

In the unlikely event that even after doing the above and you score still does not improve by 4+ points, you may ask for a complete refund – no questions asked.  We only ask that you submit both the score reports (your GMAT score report prior to purchase and after your purchase).

Can I try the course before purchasing?

Yes you can!!  We offer about 20% of our e-learning courses free of charge.  In addition, we offer 3 live sessions free of charge - How to create GMAT Study Plan, Importance of Understanding Meaning in Sentence Correction, and Pre-Thinking for Assumption Questions in Critical Reasoning.  Just register at e-GMAT and try it out!

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Best regards,

Rajat Sadana


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  1. Taruna March 2, 2:56 PM

    Hi Rajat / e-Gmat Team

    My current GMAT score is 630 (Q48, V28), this was the last attempt on 24th Dec 2012. I’ve already given GMAT thrice and have scored 580 (Q44, V26) & 460 (Q40, V15) in my 2nd and 1st attempt. I would want to specifically focus on Verbal section and wondering How long do i need for completing that 4 point improvement program. I would of course want to aim for higher..but definitely want to improve 4 pts. Would you please advise if the 4 point guarantee will apply in my case and also how many hours I mandatory need to complete the content and do justice with it.

    I’ve already got an admit from Fisher – Ohio University, and gave my interview in IESE, I’m looking to improve my score as I’m targeting consulting as my post MBA role. And I’m keen to start my MBA this fall / July depending on inst. So i do not have much time.

    Please can you advise / recommend what I should be looking at realistically.

    Many Thanks


    1. egmat egmat March 2, 4:22 PM

      Dear Taruna,

      Thank you for writing to me. The guarantee applies to you. I would recommend that you put aside at least 30 days, preferably 45 for preparation. We have had many customers who have shown tremendous improvement.

      When you join the course you will receive the complete package including the syllabus, study plan, best practices etc. Make sure you go through the same and plan your preparation accordingly.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. You can also write to rajat(at)e-gmat(dot)com.


      Rajat Sadana


  2. kinshul jain April 13, 4:29 AM


    I wrote my GMAT on 04/09 and scored a 680(V40, Q 44). Though I consistently scored 38-39 on all my MGMAT cats, in both the GMAT preps my scores dipped below 35. I have read and heard that MGMAT verbal is easier than the real GMAT and that GMAT prep verbal is the closest to the actual GMAT, so I am surprised at scoring 40 in GMAT.

    Of the two, my verbal is stronger and I did not spend even 1/5 the time I did on quant. I want to improve my score(targetting 720) and think that with some assistance, I can capitalize on my stronger arm with much less effort than working on my quant. But I am confused and not sure if I can improve 4 points from my current verbal score… need your thoughts and help.



  3. john August 29, 6:23 AM

    I have a question regarding this clause

    You must attend all live sessions within 60 days of enrolling in the course. Note that we complete 1 batch every 30 days. Attending a live session means showing up for class no later than 10 minutes after the designated start time and attending till the end.

    Does it mean you can’t use the recordings for the course if you want to complete the course earlier because 12 week schedule is a lot of time? So if I use the recordings and don’t attend the live sessions the 4-point guarantee doesn’t apply?


  4. egmat egmat October 25, 11:10 AM

    Dear John,

    What we look for is evidence of effort from your end. We do honor our refund policy in the rare case that our students put in the effort and do not improve after viewing the recordings as long as they follow the study plan and do things that are spread over a reasonable amount of time.

    Also, make sure that you attend all the workshops as they do give you a true assessment of your ability.



  5. Shreya January 31, 1:35 PM

    Hi Rajat,

    I am scoring very low in mock tests, I have take MAnhatten,GMATPrep Mock tests,etc in which my scores were 550(Q 49,V16),540(Q 44,V 17) in GMATPrep.

    So, I have rescheduled my GMAT on 16th April 2014, I want to take free verbal live classes before taking the package and understanding difference between benefits in joining live classes as compare to online verbal classes ,because fees of verbal live classes is very high for me.

    So, please provide me link for verbal RC free live class trial link.

    +91 9987976578


  6. Mohit March 9, 1:26 AM

    Hi e-Gmat team,

    Apart from attending the online classes, how much time is required for self preparation for people who are working.



  7. anurag April 6, 12:14 AM

    hi rajat
    i gave my gmat and scored very low.i scored 480,want to improve to have a score around 600-650+.plz help me regarding this.



  8. Safal Kamaruddin July 1, 2:57 AM

    I just took my GMAT official exam 2 weeks back and I got a very disappointing score of 600. I was doing really well in my mock exams. I would have taken almost 15 mock exams, and I managed to score consistently between 670-710 in the last 5 of them. I used to be comfortable with my quant section, but struggle a little with verbal. But I thought I managed to raise my verbal to a decent level, but failed on the exam day and got a mere 24. I think I have covered enough materials and went through almost every concept. I am clueless how my score went this low. My quant score on the exam was 49.
    I am planning to give my exam soon. Can I have advice on for when I should schedule my exam, how I should prepare, which would be the best online course option for me and all of that. Hoping to get an advice soon.
    Will it be possible to talk to an official for assurance?


    1. Safal Kamaruddin July 1, 2:59 AM

      Please respond to me to my mail id provided. Waiting for your reply:)