Top 5 Secrets of GMAT High Scorers

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top 5 secrets gmat high score

It’s the time of year for countdown lists, so I’m sharing with you my advice for how to become a high scorer on the GMAT. It takes serious drive and dedication, and these five tips will help you on the path to success.

The Top 5 Secrets of GMAT High Scorers…

#5: Average test-takers see the GMAT as a fearsome roadblock, or a nuisance. 700+ test-takers see the test as an evenly matched competitor, and not something superior, and thus look at it as an exciting challenge.

#4: They balance strengths & weaknesses; quant and verbal.

#3: They welcome mistakes, because mistakes are where new points will come from. They look for patterns of holes or flaws in their game on every question, and find a resolution that’s achievable under test conditions.

#2: They train rigorously (instead of studying). They have a set training schedule in a conducive environment, and even if they’re insanely busy (FT job, kids etc.), they find time. They know what topics need to be trained each day. They also have many little goals instead of just one really big goal.

#1: Average test takers “hope” they’ll do well. 700+ test-takers do what they need to and know they’ll do well. Unshakable willpower is 24K gold on the GMAT!

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