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Preparing Your Resume Early Help Build a Path to the Future

By - Apr 28, 07:00 AM   Comments [0]

We at mbaMission try to encourage business school candidates to get as much “noise” out of the way as possible before the schools begin releasing their essay questions. We want our applicants to have the freedom to reflect on their experiences, formally and thoroughly brainstorm,...

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Are You Mentally Tough? Your B-School Preparation Requires It

By - Apr 24, 07:00 AM   Comments [0]

Like many MBAs who are naturally filled with ambition and competitiveness, I would love to be an elite athlete, but like so many of us mere mortals (MBA or otherwise), I am not.  I’m pretty good at some things (e.g., I love to get my...

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Should You Consider Another Campus Visit?

By - Apr 22, 07:00 AM   Comments [0]

As admissions committees release decisions, many business school candidates suddenly find themselves with more than one option for the coming year. But how does one choose between two or more schools? If you cannot determine a definitive “winner” based on specific academic or professional criteria,...

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High Level GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice: Analysis and Answers

By - Apr 21, 07:30 AM   Comments [0]

We have you a challenging series of GMAT Reading Comprehension tasks to work on in our last blog entry. Now that you've tried them out on your own (if you haven't yet, pause now and take 10-20 minutes to do so), we're going to walk...

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High Level GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice

By - Apr 18, 13:45 PM   Comments [0]

We've recently discussed GMAT Reading Comprehension question types and patterns in detail, so it's time to try your hand at identifying question types and answering some difficult practice questions. GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice: The Passage "Strange Bedfellows!" lamented the title of a recent letter to Museum News,...

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GMAT Stress Management: Improve Your Performance

By - Apr 17, 15:14 PM   Comments [1]

Last time I talked about anticipation stress and how it can impede your preparation for the GMAT. Keep working on conquering that kind of stress. Now, let's talk about the other type of stress that I mentioned in my previous blog entry - test day/performance stress....

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GMAT Stress Management: Anticipation Stress

By - Apr 15, 14:17 PM   Comments [0]

Are you dealing with any of these potentially stressful situations? 1) Paying on student loans 2) Trying to secure an impressive job 3) Making time to network with friends 4) Attempting to date in the Google Glass world You get the idea. Now, you want to go to business school...

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How to Beat GMAT Reading Comprehension – Part II

By - Apr 14, 07:00 AM   Comments [0]

As I mentioned in my previous exploration of GMAT Reading Comprehension, most of the questions focus on the author’s purpose, so if you can at least identify her main idea as you slog through the passage, the author will guide you to the right answer in...

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How to Beat GMAT Reading Comprehension

By - Apr 11, 07:00 AM   Comments [0]

There are some fortunate beings among us who seem to thrive on GMAT Reading Comprehension problems. The rest of look on with veiled mirthless smiles at these blessed souls, all the while muttering under our collective breaths, “what, are ya nuts!” If you’re like most...

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Should You Start a New Job Before First-Round Deadlines?

By - Apr 10, 07:00 AM   Comments [0]

With approximately six months to go before first-round deadlines for the 2014–2015 MBA application season, many business school aspirants are considering ways they might enhance their candidacy. While candidates can take a variety of steps to accomplish this—from boosting their community and personal profiles, to pursuing additional...

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