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Columbia Business School’s Manhattanville Campus Gets $100M Gift

By - May 2, 10:56 AM   Comments [0]

Following Henry R. Kravis’s $100M contribution in 2010—the largest ever received by the university—Ronald O. Perelman has pledged a matching donation to support the construction of Columbia Business School’s new Manhattanville campus, the school announced today. With this landmark gift, Perelman, a member of CBS’s Board...

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The Second-Round Rush

By - Dec 12, 18:39 PM   Comments [0]

For some reason, Thanksgiving weekend in America tends to signal the beginning of the rush toward second-round business school application deadlines. Many candidates who are just contemplating their MBA applications tend to call us and ask, “How many schools can I apply to at this...

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Make Sure Recommendations are Personal

By - Nov 7, 18:19 PM   Comments [0]

If you are having trouble negotiating with your supervisor to ensure that he/she is putting the proper thought and effort into your application, you are not alone. Because of this asymmetry of power, a junior employee can only do so much to compel his/her supervisor...

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Should You Submit in Round 1 or Round 2?

By - Aug 8, 18:18 PM   Comments [0]

  At some point, every candidate takes a moment to think about when to submit his/her application(s). Inevitably, we find that two common concerns tend to crop up: 1) “If I apply in Round 1, will my application get lost among those of the ‘uber-type-As’?” 2) “If I apply in...

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Should I Take the GMAT Again?

By - Jul 11, 18:24 PM   Comments [0]

When candidates ask us whether they should take the GMAT again, our instinct is always to reply with an important question: “Do you think you can do better?” And if the candidate does indeed believe that he/she can improve, the individual’s next question is inevitably...

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Harvard Business School Essay Analysis, 2012-2013

By - May 24, 14:05 PM   Comments [0]

mbaMission has published an analysis of the new HBS essay requirements. An excerpt: "Harvard Business School (HBS) kicks off the MBA application season again, and this time it is doing so with a significant overhaul of its entire application. HBS has shrunk its written requirements from...

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Essay Tip: Beginning with a Famous Quote

By - Jan 4, 12:22 PM   Comments [1]

Beginning an essay with a famous or eloquent quotation is a common practice and one that business school candidates can use to capture a reader’s attention. For example, an applicant might use a quotation as the very first line of his or her essay: “The best...

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A Second or Third Look, but Not a Fourth, Fifth and Sixth

By - Oct 4, 16:48 PM   Comments [0]

With application deadlines looming for many MBA candidates, we thought we would share a piece of advice that might help alleviate some deadline-related stress. After you have completed (but not yet submitted!) your application(s), find one individual you trust—whether a professional consultant or someone with...

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Selecting Your Target MBA Program: Take Rankings With a Grain of Salt

By - Aug 3, 09:16 AM   Comments [0]

How many readers moved to Norway, Australia or New Zealand last year? (Stick with us—we swear we are going somewhere with this line of thought.) Maybe a handful, but how many of this handful moved because the United Nations (UN) determined that people who live...

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Selecting Your Target MBA Program: Business School Facilities

By - Jul 26, 09:39 AM   Comments [0]

Deciding to attend business school for two years is no small thing. For most people, it involves a complete change in lifestyle—moving to a new town, living in a different kind of housing, interacting with unfamiliar people, following a new daily schedule and even, in...

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