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Sample MBA Essays – Read Them at Your Own Risk!

By - Jul 31, 20:06 PM   Comments [0]

Sample MBA essays, while being of questionable value in and of themselves, can actually harm your chance of admission to a top business school. We explain why.

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Columbia Business School Essay Analysis 2014

By - Jul 15, 10:15 AM   Comments [0]

You want to go to Columbia Business School? Get ready to pour your heart out to the school and to New York City in your Columbia Business School essays.

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MBA Admissions Interview Best Practices (Part 5)

By - Jul 14, 10:15 AM   Comments [0]

In the final article in our MBA Admissions Interview Best Practices series, we share a last three tips that will ensure you excel in your MBA interview. Taken together, our advice will give an invaluable boost to your MBA interview preparation.

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MBA Admissions Interview Best Practices (Part 4)

By - Jul 13, 10:15 AM   Comments [0]

In this article we share three more MBA admissions interview preparation tips that will be particularly useful for shaping your communication plan and perfecting your delivery for the big day.

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Criteria for Acceptance to a Top Ranked Business School

By - Jul 11, 11:07 AM   Comments [2]

The criteria for acceptance to a top ranked business school are a hot topic; however, to our knowledge, there are very few comprehensive lists of the primary things MBA admissions officers care about most when they review an MBA application. Based upon many years of MBA...

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MBA Prep School Announces $3,000 in Scholarship for 2011/12 Applicants

By - Jul 31, 20:15 PM   Comments [0]

MBA Prep School announced today that they will award scholarships valued at $3,000. Apply before the deadline of August 15th. MBA Prep School is committed to making MBA admission consulting expertise available to more applicants. Using the latest online learning technologies, we emulate the experience of...

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Should the business school essays be scrapped?

By - Jul 22, 15:54 PM   Comments [0]

In a post on July 5, 2011, Bloomberg Businessweek associate editor, Louis Lavelle, published an op-ed piece entitled Scrap the B-School Admissions Essay. This post briefly explores the limitations and risks of business school application essays, including ghost writing and plagiarism, and ends by advocating doing...

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How Can I Increase My Chances of Getting Into the Best Business Schools?

By - Jul 14, 02:18 AM   Comments [1]

Imagine if you could peer into the mind of an admissions officer and know what the weak spots in your application profile were before it was time to apply. This article will help you to identify what might stand in your way to being accepted...

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MBA Prep School’s eBook on sale until July 25th

By - Jul 13, 05:06 AM   Comments [0]

GMAT Club members can purchase MBA Prep School's eBook Prepare to be Accepted! before midnight pacific on July 25th and take advantage of half-off the cover price. Until July 25th, save $20 when you purchase MBA Prep School's 215 page eBook on the secrets to earning...

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How Important are Undergraduate Grades to the Admissions Committee?

By - Jul 12, 18:50 PM   Comments [0]

The straightforward answer to this question is that your undergraduate transcripts are very important to an MBA admissions committee. They will look at your college grades to assure themselves that you have the intelligence, discipline, and study habits to thrive in their program. MBA programs...

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