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Developing Engaging Stories for MBA Essays- Week # 10 -Tip #10

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Avoid Using Quotations  When writing admission essays, most applicants tend to use quotes of famous and distinguished people ( leaders, philosophers, and scientists etc.) who have made a positive impact in the lives of future generations. It is a general perception that using quotations of eminent...

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Darden Essay Question Analysis- 2014 -15

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  Application Deadlines Round 1: October 10, 2014 Round 2: January 7, 2015 Round 3: April 1, 2015 Describe the most courageous professional decision you have made or action you have taken. What did you learn from that experience? (500 words maximum) Like last year, Darden again requires applicants to write only...

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Developing Engaging Stories for MBA Essays Week # 9- Tip #9

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                                                                         Use Transitional Expressions Last week, we had discussed the use of specific details and examples for making our stories in application essays engaging and persuasive. This week, we will discuss how we can use transitional expressions to make these specific anecdotes/ details cohere and stick...

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McCombs Essay Questions Analysis 2014-15

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  Application Deadlines: Round 1 Deadline: October 14, 2014 Notification: December 18, 2014 Round 2 Deadline: January 6, 2015 Notification: March 26, 2015 Round 3 Deadline: March 24, 2015 Notification: May 21, 2015 From Mc Combs website: “Each year, like most business schools, we update our application essay prompts in an effort to better glean important information...

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Developing Engaging Stories for MBA Essays Week # 8-Tip # 8

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Provide Specific Details One of the most common pitfalls of Admission essays is the writers’ inability to use specific examples or details and share stories that are filled with vague generalities. To be able to make sense of your story and appreciate it as well, the...

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Developing Engaging Stories for MBA Essays- Week # 7- Tip # 7

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                                                                                     Do Not Use Passive Voice When narrating your personal and professional stories, make sure to be personal. Your experiences and accomplishments, irrespective of how impressive they are, will fail to make an impression on the reader if they are written in passive voice. I often...

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Developing Engaging Stories for MBA Essays- Week # 6- Tip # 6

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Do Not Use Jargon It has been a common experience for me to review essays filled with technical terms of the applicant’s industry. Whether it is ‘leadership’ essay, ‘setback’ essay, ‘goals’ essay, ‘ethical dilemma’ or even ‘background’ essay, some applicants inadvertently provide lengthy technical details which...

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Developing Engaging Stories for MBA Essays: Week # 5 -Tip #5

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Organize Your Story Well Proper structure is a key component of effective essays. It is a glue that blends together all the pieces of your story. Whether you are narrating your cultural experience, setback or ethical dilemma experience or are discussing your career progression story leading...

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Developing Engaging Stories for MBA Essays- Week # 4 – Tip # 4

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Make your Introduction Compelling The beginning of your essay must attract the reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading your essay. The Ad Com have to review thousands of essays, and they don’t have more than a couple of minutes for each essay, so...

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Developing Engaging Stories for MBA Essays – Week # 3- Tip # 3

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Posted on June 4, 2014 In the past two weeks, I have discussed the first three important steps in the process of developing engaging stories for MBA essays: 1. comprehending the essay prompt, 2. brainstorming/gathering ideas for the essay prompt, and 3. putting down those ideas on paper. Now let’s...

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