Idioms in GMAT Sentence Correction: List of Most Common Idioms

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Last week we shared advice on how to recognize and solve idiom-related issues in GMAT Sentence Correction questions. The creators of the GMAT have been decreasing their testing of idioms (the subject tends to put non-native speakers of English at a disadvantage) but we still...

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Land Your Score: Assumptions in Critical Reasoning

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Assumption questions ask for unstated evidence supporting the argument. In past posts I’ve discussed ways to break down Critical Reasoning (CR) passages on the GMAT. Here I will focus on a specific subset of question types that make up the majority of CR questions and can...

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GMAT Question of the Day (November 8)

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Math A basket contains 3 white and 5 blue balls. Mary will extract one ball at random and keep it. If, after that, John will extract one ball at random, what is the probability that John will extract a blue ball? A. B.

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"Too late" to start Round 2 MBA admissions campaign?

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The sooner you begin your admissions campaign, the better your chances for admission. However, with the next application deadlines just a couple of months away, it may not be too late for you to start on the path to success.    Here’s a simple, 6-point checklist...

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3 Reasons Why it’s Actually Advantageous to Apply For Round 2

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by Rich Cohen The process of putting together a strong overall application involves a number of different ‘steps.’ However, many prospective MBA candidates come into the application process with an unrealistic sense of how long it actually takes to put together a ‘winning’ application,...

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4 Steps to Preparing for MBA Interviews

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There are four things you need to know when prepping for your MBA interview: 1. Yourself 2. Your interview goal 3. Your school 4. The type of interview In this post I’m going to walk you through each of these items. When you’re finished reading this post, you will have...

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2017 Chicago Booth Class Profile

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Who’s at Booth right now? Let’s check out the profile of the Booth class of 2017 (from the Booth website)… • U.S. minorities: 23% • International students: 34% • Average GMAT score: 726 • GMAT range: 570-780 • Average undergraduate GPA: 3.6 • Average work experience: 5 years • Countries Represented: 54 Breakdown of Undergraduate Majors: Are you vying for a...

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Guiding Your MBA Recommenders

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As the majority of Round 2 deadlines are in early January, you should plan to reach out to your recommenders soon to ensure they are pacing themselves and won’t be crunched for time once all of the year-end craziness hits. These contacts are doing you a...

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GMAT Question of the Day (November 7)

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Math There are 7 red and 5 blue marbles in a jar. In how many ways 8 marbles can be selected from the jar so that at least one red marble and at least one blue marble is left in the jar? A. 460 B. 490 C. 493 D. 445 E....

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MBALaunch Prep Program for Women Still Accepting Applications!

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The Forté Foundation has extended the application deadline for MBALaunch 2017 through Nov 11! MBALaunch is an intensive business school prep program designed to help women apply successfully to business school by providing a strong support network and a structured roadmap of the application process. GMAT exam prep...

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