Former Adcom Officers Have Some (More) Advice for You

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A few weeks ago we talked about how Stacy Blackman Consulting has former admissions officers from all of the top MBA programs on our team, and how these ex-adcom consultants help with Flight Test reviews for each of our All-In clients, contribute their insiders’ knowledge to...

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GMAT Question of the Day (November 29)

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Math A 5 meter long wire is cut into two pieces. If the longer piece is then used to form a perimeter of a square, what is the probability that the area of the square will be more than 1 if the original wire was cut...

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Work Experience for MBA Programs: How much is enough? How much is too much?

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When MBA admissions offices review your application, they look at a few key components: your undergraduate GPA, your GMAT score, your letters of recommendation, and your work experience.   While each of these components is important, your resume and your work experience could make or break your...

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How to Apply to B-School With a Low GPA, Part 1

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Not proud of your undergraduate GPA? Concerned it may ruin your chances of getting into a top MBA program? It's time to tackle this issue head-on and create a plan for successfully applying to business school with a low GPA. How Low is Low? Maybe you're a perfectionist so...

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Self-Analysis of Your GMAT Performance MUST Include Actual Analysis

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by Rich Cohen Studying for the GMAT can be a challenging endeavor for many Test Takers. Arguably, one of the most common score goals for Test Takers (if not THE most common score goal) is 700+, but only about 10% of those same people...

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Using an MBA to Change Careers

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These days, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who stays with one company or even one industry throughout his or her entire professional life. If you’re looking for the fast track to gain the skills and network to launch your career in a new...

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GMAT Question of the Day (November 28)

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Math A stationery store sells pens and pencils. If the price of each item in cents has a positive integer value, how much do 5 pencils cost? (1) 5 pencils and 3 pens cost 30 cents. (2) 4 pencils and 4 pens cost 32 cents.   Question Discussion & Explanation Correct...

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(Insert School Here) Is My Dream School!

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For many MBA candidates, one of the most challenging questions to answer in the interview is the dreaded, 'So what other schools are you applying to?' Or some variation on that theme.

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Ask the AdCom: Opportunities to Study Abroad

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Hey everybody! We’re back with another installment of “Ask the AdCom,” where we share a wide range of tips and advice from admissions team members from a dozen top business schools. Since AdCom members are human, too, we know our readers will enjoy seeing  a different side of what makes...

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How To Know If Round 2 Is The Best Time For You to Apply to B-School

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions If you are like most applicants, you may be wondering whether round two is the best time for you to apply to business school or whether you may be better off postponing your application till the next application cycle when you can...

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