Crafting Crisp, Focused Answers To Questions About Why You Want An MBA (Part 2)

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If you read the first post in this series you’ll remember that we’re focusing on learning how to navigate through the various permutations of: Why do you want an MBA… AT ALL? Why do you want an MBA… AT THIS EXACT MOMENT IN YOUR CAREER? How will OUR SCHOOL… help… YOU? Of all...

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GMAT vs GRE: Which Test is Best for Your MBA Candidacy?

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Taking a standardized admissions test is a big hurdle – some even consider it a mountain (!) -- that all applicants must leap to qualify for acceptance at an accredited business school. Whether you hate it or like it (no one really loves it), completing...

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GMAT Question of the Day (May 16)

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Math The function is defined by for all nonzero numbers . If and , what is the value of ? A. B. C. D.

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Goal Setting as an Entrepreneur

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I always ask my clients to state their long and short-term goals for me on our first meeting.  Eighty percent of the time I hear the response, “I want to be an entrepreneur.”  So I begin to peel away at the onion. • What problem is your...

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Wharton, Google & Submarines: Steve’s MBA Story

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This interview is the latest in an Accepted blog series featuring interviews with MBA students, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at top MBA programs. And now for a chat with Steve Weiner, a student at UPenn Wharton. Accepted: We'd like to get to know you! Where are you from?...

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Can You Get Into B-School with Low Stats?

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Yes you can! Not everyone who goes to Harvard scores a perfect 800 and has a GPA of 4.0 (in fact, very few actually hit those perfect scores). If your stats are less than ideal, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to cross your...

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Indian School of Business 2017 MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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Indian School of Business continues to thrive and improve the career prospects of its graduates. The class of 2015 received 20+% more job offers this year compared to just 2 years ago, with the largest percentage of the class entering the consulting industry (28%) with...

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Tuck School Fall 2017 MBA Application Deadlines

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Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business has posted the MBA application deadlines for the 2016-2017 admissions cycle. They are as follows: Early Action Round Application due: October 5, 2016 Decision released: December 16, 2016 November Round Application due: November 2, 2016 Decision released: February 10, 2017 January Round Application due: January 4, 2017 Decision released:...

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Crafting Crisp, Focused Answers To Questions About Why You Want An MBA (Part 1)

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This could easily make for a giant chapter in a book on tackling B-school application essays: how to navigate through the various permutations of: – Why pursue an MBA at this point in your career? – How will your education at [School X] help you achieve you...

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Mastering divisibility in GMAT Quant questions

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There are many questions in the GMAT quant section in which the concept of divisibility is important. Therefore, it’s to your advantage to learn the rules in this area.

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