Stanford GSB Essay Tips

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Stanford GSB has published the essay questions for this application cycle, and has maintained the theme of candid self-evaluation and authenticity. The Stanford GSB MBA admissions website provides clear guidance and advice for what to do, and what not to do that all applicants should...

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5 Tips for Getting a Head Start on Application Season

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If you’re applying to business school in the fall, there's no time like the present for ramping up the research and application preparation in advance of the autumn crunch. 1. Do your Research Before you start researching programs, it will be helpful to understand your own criteria...

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GMAT Question of the Day (June 18): Word Problem and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) The box contains 10 tablets of medicine A and 15 tablets of medicine B. tablets are taken from the box at random. What is the least possible that ensures that at least two tablets of each kind are among the extracted? (A) 12 (B)...

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Fear of the New GMAT

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So how do GMAT test takers feel about the recent launch of the “Next Generation” GMAT with its new Integrated Reasoning section? In a Kaplan survey of prospective MBAs, “more than half of those who had seen actual Integrated Reasoning sample questions said IR questions...

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GMAT Tips: Insights Into the IR Section from GMAT Prep Now

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As all 2013 MBA applicants know by now, GMAC has introduced a new integrated reasoning (IR) section to the GMAT.'s newest blog series will offer GMAT test takers with IR tips and insights from representative from top GMAT prep companies. First up in our series...

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Choosing an MBA Admissions Consultant: What Should You Ask?

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The new MBA admissions cycle is gearing up; 2012-2013 essay questions and applications are already appearing. If you, like many MBA applicants, plan to hire an MBA admissions consultant to assist you in delivering your best possible applications, you need to know what to ask...

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Meaning Change in SC

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As we transitioned from OG10 to OG13, it became increasingly difficult to solve questions by using shortcuts, pattern recognition, etc. and meaning became a critical mantra to solve Sentence Correction questions.  A particular variation that confounds students is the one in which there are more...

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MBAs Rate Their Ideal Jobs

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In a survey conducted by Universum, 5,748 business students from 79 top U.S. business schools chose from a list of over 175 companies the five companies they would most like to work for, Poets & Quants reports. While both and Bain & Co. moved up...

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GMAT Question of the Day (June 15): Mixture Problem and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) grams of water were added to 80 grams of a strong solution of acid. If as a result, the concentration of acid in the solution became times of the initial concentration, what was the concentration of acid in the original solution? 1. 2....

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GMAT Grammar Game – Pick the Correct Sentence

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Below are two excerpts from popular news sources. Accompanying each excerpt is a slightly modified version of the sentence that contains one or more grammatical flaws. See if you know which excerpt is from an actual news source, and which one is the result of...

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