MBA Rankings Released, Liberal Arts In Demand

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A liberal arts education could be your ticket to business school. It’s MBA rankings season again! Let’s check in on Chicago Booth’s incoming class, see why some business schools are turning to the liberal arts, and find out what’s worrying HBS alumni. Here are the stories...

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How Do You Know if You’re Ready for B-School?

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Is there such a thing as a right time to apply for an MBA? Many prospective b-school applicants confront this question when they feel that their current career trajectory has stalled. For others, pursuing an MBA straight out of undergrad is a no-brainer, as they...

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How to Ace Your Wharton, Harvard, & Stanford MBA Admissions Interviews

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions So, are you looking for a way to succeed in your b-school admissions interviews? Do you want to make sure that your MBA admissions interviews can help increase your chances of getting admitted to your target b-schools? To succeed in your b-school admissions interviews for the...

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GMAT Question of the Day (September 17)

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Math If is a non-zero number what is the value of ? (1) (2)   Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - E - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) GMAT Daily Deals Manhattan GMAT: 99 percentile teachers and superior curriculum...

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9 Tips For Acing The MBA Application Boxes

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As you finalize your MBA applications for Round 1 or start putting your thoughts together for Round 2, don’t let the focus on the longer essays take away your attention from the short answer application boxes. The application boxes aren’t merely the fields of your...

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Applying to Harvard Business School Q & A with HBS Alumna Katherine Johnson

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We are delighted to announce that Katherine Johnson, HBS MBA 1999, has joined Fortuna Admissions as an admissions coach. Katherine is a skilled marketing professional with a strong background in developing award-winning TV, digital, social, and branded entertainment campaigns for major brands. She previously served...

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How to make the most of today’s Virtual MBA Fair

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The Economist Hosts Virtual MBA Fair

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Business school is a hefty investment in both time and dollars, so you need to arm yourself with all the information you can about the programs that interest you. After all, you can never know too much! A great way to learn about several schools in...

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GMAT Question of the Day (September 16)

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Math A candy factory manufactures various types of candy: 30% are dark chocolate, 25% are milk chocolate, 20% taffy, 5% caramel, and the rest are cream. Due to a hardware failure, all of the candy are mixed and dispatched into boxes holding 20 individually wrapped pieces...

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9 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Application Resume

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Your resume is usually the first opportunity admissions readers have to get to know you, your experience, and your skills. Because of the number of other application components they need to review (both yours and those belonging to the thousands of other applicants), most adcom...

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