7 Ways to Handle Dense Science Passages on GMAT RC

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This post was written by Christina Yu. Tricky science passages on the GMAT may be the bane of your existence, but they don’t have to be. Here are 7 expert tips to help you conquer your science fears. 1. Recognize that you don’t need to know any...

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MBA Admissions News Roundup

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Forbes blog has a very helpful post about your admissions interviewer’s perspective.  The article explains that admissions committee members look at you (and your application) as a full package and won’t separate your interview from the other application elements. GMAT announced that test...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Jun 15): Arithmetic and Critical Reasoning

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Math (DS) If , what is ? 1. is an integer 2. is an integer OA and Explanation GMAT Daily Deals GMAT Club members receive 10% off of Veritas Prep GMAT Courses and MBA Admission Consulting. Learn more Stacy Blackman Consulting offers comprehensive MBA consulting services – Save $100 when...

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Selecting Your Target MBA Program: Consider School’s Location

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Hanover, NH, home of Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, is a quiet, idyllic college town nestled in the mountains of the Connecticut River Valley. Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, home of New York University’s Stern School, is in a busy part of a sprawling metropolis, without a...

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How to Get Started on Your Personal Statement with One Easy Technique

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Okay, you’ve calmed down after your initial essay-writing anxiety, and you still don’t know where to begin.  How do you capture your whole life in the meager number of characters allotted? Whether you’re feeling stuck or feeling overwhelmed by all the ideas bouncing...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Jun 14): Word Problem and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) The box contains 10 tablets of medicine A and 15 tablets of medicine B. tablets are taken from the box at random. What is the least possible that ensures that at least two tablets of each kind are among the extracted? (A) 12 (B)...

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40 Signs You Should Stop Studying for the GMAT

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How do you know when you’ve studied enough for the GMAT? It’s a question we get frequently for our students. And it’s a good one: after so much prep work, how do you know – really know – that you’re ready? Here are 40 signs that...

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UC Berkeley Haas 2012 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips

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  This UC Berkeley Haas MBA Application tip post is one of a series of posts providing MBA application and essay advice for applicants to top MBA programs around the world. Check out the entire 2012 MBA Application Tips series for more valuable MBA essay advice. UC Berkeley...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Jun 13): Mixture Problem and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) grams of water were added to 80 grams of a strong solution of acid. If as a result, the concentration of acid in the solution became times of the initial concentration, what was the concentration of acid in the original solution? 1. 2....

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Why HBS Developed the Case Method — and What It’s Like Today

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If you’ve begun your b-school research, you’ve probably heard about the “case method.” Many business schools (Harvard perhaps best known among them) either base their curriculum on the case method or use it in some courses. If you’re looking to apply to MBA programs,...

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