2016 GMAC Alumni Perspectives Survey Report

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GMAC released results from its 2016 Alumni Perspectives Survey, based on responses from 14,279 graduate business school alumni from 1980-2015, representing 275 programs in 70 universities at 20 worldwide locations. The survey examines the educational, professional, and personal outcomes of its respondents. ROI is measured...

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4 Challenging Comparison Questions on the GMAT

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First of all, here are four challenging SC questions involving comparisons.  What could be better than SC questions about comparisons? (I couldn’t resist starting off a blog about comparisons with a comparison!)   1) For parts of his life, Burroughs, a writer in self-imposed exile, and in...

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What Are My Round 3 Chances?

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Round 3 deadlines are nearly upon us, and while the final round is the biggest gamble of the application cycle, schools have that round for a reason and use it to admit those stellar students that add something really special to their classes. “We actually enjoy...

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Planning How to Pay, Competitive Online Degrees

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Worried about how to pay for business school? From competitive admissions for online degree programs to considering how to pay for your MBA—here are the top stories for aspiring business school students. Tuition costs rising The benefits of the an MBA are clear: Over a lifetime, you can...

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Cornell Johnson Straight Out of College: A Young Entrepreneur’s Story

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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Considering an MBA at Cornell Johnson? Or are you thinking of applying to MBA programs with less-than-average work experience? If this is you, you’ll want to listen to this week’s show! Introducing our guest [0:44] Meet Jonathan Hua, a first year MBA student at...

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GMAT Question of the Day (March 10)

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Math A bowl contains green and blue chips only. If two chips are drawn from the bowl (without replacement) what is the probability that both chips will be blue? (1) The ratio of blue chips to green chips is 3:4. (2) There are 5 more green chips than...

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Use this trick to solve GMAT sequence questions

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Applying rules to questions involving sequences is often the fastest way to solve such problems.

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3 Key Ways to Stand Out Through Your EMBA Essays

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After demonstrating that you’re a well qualified applicant comes the biggest challenge: differentiating yourself. You must show your uniqueness and value as an individual and as an applicant in a way that is relevant to the EMBA program. Essentially, you’re giving the adcom the reason to...

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The 5 Top EMBA Programs in Canada

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Consulting%%www.expartus.com%% If you’re looking to take your career to the next level by enrolling in an Executive MBA program, Canada is home to a number of schools that should be on your radar. When Financial Times put together their 2015 list of the world’s...

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GMAT Question of the Day (March 9)

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Math A wholesaler sells computers on following conditions: the first 100 computers cost $500 each and each computer above 100th costs $400. If the wholesaler received $57,600 as a result of the deal, how many computers did he sell? A. 109 B. 117 C. 119 D. 121 E. 123   Question Discussion &...

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