Is Business School Too Expensive in this Economy?

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We recently posted a blog on the most common motivations among business school applicants. Data in a related GMAC article shows that applicants view high b-school tuition as a worthy investment into their futures. The point of the article is that, contrary to...

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MBA Life on YouTube: The Benefits of an MD/MBA

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This week, as part of our MBA Life on Youtube series, we thought we’d post a video on a super-intense joint degree program offered at some schools: the MD/MBA. And you thought business school was hard! This video from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business features a...

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Is Wharton a Good Fit For You?

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Wharton is one of the top business schools in the world, and for good reason: Very few schools can match its reputation in finance, and in recent years Wharton’s pace of curriculum innovation actually seems to be accelerating. But how do you know...

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GMAT On Demand: Solving for One Variable Among Many in DS Questions

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// In this video, Rich begins by presenting a sample DS question. The question tests your ability to solve for the value of an expression — without necessarily solving for the variables in that expression. Jess and Rich then go on to explain the best...

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4 To-Do’s for Accepted Grad School Applicants

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Should you kick back on a beach? Or go for a latte with a colleague? Find out why both may be in order in this video from Eye on Admissions where Linda Abraham outlines four action items that should be on the to-do lists...

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MBA & EMBA Admissions News Round Up

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Following in the trend of curriculum overhauls, Cornell Johnson will be making significant changes to its executive MBA program to allow for more elective classes. According to a Financial Times b-school new bulletin, the top EMBA program will also be ramping up...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Mar 25): Overlapping Sets and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) What percent of the MIS students enrolled at Wisconsin University are female? 1. 5% of female students at Wisconsin University are studying MIS. 2. 12% of male students at Wisconsin University are studying MIS. OA and Explanation GMAT Daily Deals Save on Kaplan courses when you sign up thru...

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The Economist MBA Circle on March 29-30

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Don’t miss The Economist MBA Circle on March 29-30, a free online fair connecting the best candidates with top MBA programs. Qualified registrants can meet leading business schools from The Economist’s ranking of full-time MBA programs, including: - MIT Sloan School of Management - Darden Business School -...

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GMAT On Demand: How to Solve for the Value of an Expression (Without Solving for its Variables!)

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// As Jess and Rich explain in this video, oftentimes on Data Sufficiency problems you’ll be given more variables than you have equations. This happens for two main reasons: You’re just given more variables than equations (you know, because it’s fun) You’re given as many variables as...

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Your 4 Roadblocks to Top Business Schools in 2011

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Now is a perfect time to set ambitious goals for your career and for business school. You can bring these dreams much closer to reality by avoiding these 4 roadblocks to business school. Roadblock #1: Impatience / desire to move on Don’t be a statistic: too many...

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