Official Guide Questions vs GMAT Club Tests, SC, Remainder Problems, Speed Mathematics, Share your GMAT experience

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Official Guide Questions vs GMAT Club Tests – which are harder? “Hopefully” in SC – how to use it correctly Remainder Problems – a collection with answers Speed Mathematics – useful techniques to help increase your speed 720 (Q49, V39) – share your GMAT experience

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MIT Sloan Interview, HEC Paris Interview, Media and Entertainment Industry

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MIT Sloan Interview – what types of questions are they asking? HEC Paris Interview – what questions did they ask? Media & Entertainment Industry – who hires MBA graduates? You can even get an MBA on Facebook these days (marketing ploy?)

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London B-School, MBA Application, MBA Books, Business School Guides

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London B-School – interview questions Best MBA Application Tips – how to write a great essay MBA Books – good books to read prior to MBA Business School Guides Harvard Stanford Penn (Wharton) Chicago Booth MIT (Sloan)

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GMAT Club Marketplace, SC, CR, GMAT Pressure, Share your GMAT experience

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Announcements GMAT Club Marketplace – new from GMAT Club Savings up to 50% on GMAT courses, up to 50% off on GMAT questions, and up to 50% off on Admissions Consulting SC: Noun Modifiers – an exception to the rule SC: “Being” – how to use it correctly CR: “Explain...

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Knewton MBA News Roundup: Wharton’s New “Look” and East Meets West at B-School

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More and more business schools are revamping their curricula — not only to remain competitive with one other, but also to ensure that their students are developing the skills necessary for success in today’s changing world. Planning on getting an MBA in the near future?...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Dec 14): Number Properties and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) If is divisible by prime number , is an even prime number? 1. Product of is even 2. OA and Explanation Like these questions? Get the GMAT Club question collection: online at GMAT Club OR on your...

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MBA Interview Tips from Someone Who’s Been There

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Jeremy C. Wilson, an MBA-JD student at Northwestern Kellogg, recently posted MBA interview tips on his blog in “Applicant Question: Tips for MBA Admissions Interviews.” They are worth checking out, especially since Round 2 interviews will be here before you know it. His first two...

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Career Opportunities Widen for Haas MBAs

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In an effort to expose MBA students to a wider variety of topics and career opportunities, the Berkeley Evening & Weekend MBA Program has implemented new course formats and created more comprehensive career services, reports a recent Haas School Newsroom article. “Our goal is to balance...

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Would You Get an MBA on Facebook?

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Last month The London School of Business and Finance (not to be confused with London Business School) made waves by announcing students can now earn an MBA on Facebook. The course is free, to an extent— students have to pay if they want to be...

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MBA Resume Tip: How to Translate Experience into Accomplishments

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This guest post comes to us from Igor Khayet, founder of MyResumeShop. You’ve had some great experiences working for a corporation, a non-profit, or the government, but how do you translate that onto your resume in an effective way? There are two major decisions that need...

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