Wharton Team-based Discussion: Easier Said than Done

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    “Relax, be genuine, and enjoy the opportunity.” That’s the guidance offered by the admissions staff at Wharton in their invitation to the all-important, team-based discussion. What the adcom doesn’t tell you is that, in order to achieve that sense of tranquility and participate successfully on...

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What Is a “Good” GMAT Score?

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Different business schools have different expectations of test takers. That all depends on what business school you want to go to. At the end of the day, a good GMAT score is the one that gets you into the business school of your choice. Let’s look...

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Leading Chinese B-School Establishes Campus in Europe

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As Chinese executives turn their eyes to the global stage and understanding the Chinese economy becomes increasingly vital for the rest of the world, Asia’s top-ranked business school China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) recently announced it has deepened its presence in Europe. CEIBS school leaders...

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How to solve GMAT overlapping sets problems

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On the day I took my GMAT there were a surprisingly high number of questions involving overlapping sets. Of course, this may not always be the case, but it is worthwhile having a quick method to solve such questions.

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London Business School 2016 Essay Tips & Deadlines

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London Business School boasts one of the most diverse student bodies, with 92% of its 400+ students hailing from a total of 69 countries outside of England. If you are looking for a globally focused MBA program in a city bursting with culture, finance, and...

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Booth Applicants: Boost Your Admissions Chances!

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If you’re aiming for a Chicago Booth acceptance (or acceptance to any top b-school), then don’t miss Get Accepted to Chicago Booth, the webinar that will walk you through the steps of a successful Booth application. The webinar is free but you must reserve your spot...

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GMAT Question of the Day (November 3)

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Math What is the probability of getting a Jack from a 52-card deck on both the first and second draw if the cards are not replaced? A. B. C. D. E.   Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer -...

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Reapplying to B-School: 11 Ways To Improve

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When people ask us whether or not they should reapply to b-school after getting shot down the first time, we toss a simple question right back at them: Has anything about your portfolio and experience CHANGED, and even better yet, IMPROVED, since your last application? If...

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Sajal: Undergraduate College -> ISB Young Leaders Program (2+1)

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His genuineness, clarity of thought and professionalism enabled me to prepare my case in the best possible way. Those are certain qualities I really admire and wish to emulate in my day to day life as well.   I had consulted with August Academy (www.mbaadmissions.augustacademy.in) on the...

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What to Do at an MBA Info Session

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As Round 2 deadlines inch closer, several top programs are hitting the road and holding informational sessions in cities across the world. If you have the opportunity to attend one of these events, you might find yourself face to face with an influential AdCom member....

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