GMAT English

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The GMAT, of course, is given in English.  In fact, the GMAT Verbal section assesses a high level of English usage.  This certainly presents a challenge to folks who are learning English as a second language, and it also presents challenges to American students, native...

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SBC Survey Results: More MBA Applicants Drawn to Consulting, Swayed by Scholarships

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More than 50% of business school applicants say they would attend a less desirable program if awarded a scholarship, according to SBC’s annual survey of MBA applicants. Our survey also reported that a post-MBA career in consulting (47.9%) was the top pick, up from 39.2% last year. After consulting, finance...

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Do Rankings Matter? A Few Ways to Think About this Common Question

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One of the most frequent questions that we get is whether rankings really matter. Do you have to go to the top ranked MBA program to be successful in life? Clearly the answer is no. There are many paths to success. But, let’s be...

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Take Our Financial Planning Quiz: Are You Making Your Dollars Count?

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Find out how budget-conscious your student lifestyle really is. The convenience of credit has blessed us with the ease and utility of accessing our money—or money that’s not ours, rather—anytime we want, whether by plastic, online shopping cart, or digital app. What credit hasn’t given us, however,...

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Four Test Prep Mistakes Business School Applicants MUST Avoid

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Former HBS admissions expert shines the light on foolish yet common applicant mistakes [This blog was first published by Chioma Isiadinso on Business Because MBA Application Blog] In the run-up to applying for business school, potential applicants fret endlessly about admissions tests. Which test should...

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GMAT Question of the Day (July 15)

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Math Is the standard deviation of set greater than the standard deviation of set ? (1) The range of set is greater than the range of set (2) The mean of set is greater...

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Advice for European Applicants to the Top U.S. MBA Programs

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Since moving to Switzerland for what my family and I are calling an "extended business trip", I've had the opportunity to interview MBA applicants from several countries as an alumni interviewer for Kellogg. Through this experience, as well as consulting to clients from Europe over...

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GMAT Data Sufficiency Logic: Tautological Statements

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First, here are four DS practice problems:   2) In the diagram above, line BC touches the circle at point C, and the distance from B to C is 35 cm.  What is the area of the circle? Statement #1: AB = 25 cm Statement #2: angle OCB =...

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UCLA Anderson School Fall 2017 MBA Essay Topic

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The UCLA Anderson School of Management has confirmed the required essay topic remains unchanged for the 2016-2017 MBA admissions season. First-Time Applicants—One Required Essay: We believe that the best results are achieved when you share success, think fearlessly and drive change.  With this in mind, what are your...

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Curious About Working with an Admissions Counsultant? Join Us for GMAC’s Google Hangout!

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If you’re working on your b-school application, you won’t want to miss our Q&A session during the Graduate Management Admission Council‘s (GMAC) upcoming Google Hangout, Behind the Scenes with MBA Admission Consultants, on Thursday, July 28 at 1pm EDT.   Hosted by Eric Chambers, GMAC’s Market Development Director and former Wharton School MBA...

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