How to Get Accepted in 2017: FREE WEBINAR!

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That’s right – we’re already talking about 2017 MBA applications! You may feel like you’ve got loads of time, but believe me…you’ve got loads to do! We’d like to help you start out on the right foot by inviting you to our upcoming live webinar, Get...

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How a "Diversity" Applicant Can Rock the B-school App

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This guest post is by Seth Gilmore, Tuck MBA and Senior Admissions Consultant at The MBA Exchange     Here's a confession for you: On my third day of Capital Markets class, during Tuck's notoriously soul-crushing fall term, I had just one question on my mind as the...

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GMAT Question of the Day (February 24)

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Math If 160 kg of dry wood pulp is needed to produce 50 sheets of paper, how much raw pulp will be needed to produce 200 sheets of paper if raw pulp loses 20 percent of its weight during desiccation? A. 400 B. 600 C. 640 D. 800 E. 850   Question Discussion...

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Land Your Score: Integrated Reasoning, Pt. 1

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Estimating and critical thinking skills are much more valuable than your on-screen calculator. Welcome to “Land Your Score,” a blog series in which Kaplan instructor Jennifer Land shares key insights and strategies for improving your GMAT performance on Test Day. This week, Jennifer discusses how to...

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How to Stand Out in the MBA Applicant Pool

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The following is an edited transcript of a video interview between two of our Directors: Judith Hodara, former Wharton Director of Admissions and Caroline Diarte Edwards, former INSEAD Director of Admissions, and John Byrne from Poets and Quants. Watch the full video Question to both Judith...

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MBA Remains a Strong Value Proposition, Says GMAC Survey

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The return on investment, or ROI, of a full-time two-year MBA fluctuates in accordance with prevailing economic conditions, yet it has remained positive three years after graduation in 19 of the past 20 years, according to findings in the Graduate Management Admission Council‘s (GMAC) 2016...

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London Business School 2016 Executive MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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In the LBS EMBA website landing page, a short introduction to the program includes the words “transform,” “transition,” and “catalyst.”  Also, “accelerate” and “propel.”  This is a clear message from the adcom: the program goes beyond conveying necessary skills for senior managers; it is for...

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GMAT Question of the Day (February 23)

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Math What is the value of ? (1) (2) is a prime number   Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - E - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) GMAT Daily Deals Manhattan GMAT: 99 percentile teachers and superior curriculum at a more affordable...

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Yes, You Should Thank Your MBA Interviewer

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Our clients often ask us if they should write thank-you notes to their interviewers. While handwritten messages of appreciation will always be a classy move—and we certainly encourage applicants to write such notes if they’re so inclined—an email message is just as acceptable in this...

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Monday Mail-Bag: Advice on Big Picture Issues That Impact GMAT Test Takers…

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by Rich Cohen; EMPOWERgmat This series of emails and PMs focuses on situations that many Test Takers face during their studies. The names of the original posters have been changed to protect their identities. Tactical Approaches vs. ‘Math’ Approaches Hi Rich, I read thru the backup strategies and...

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