"Wanting" and "Needing" an MBA Are Not Enough

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Almost every business school applicant would benefit tremendously from a top-tier MBA education. The tactical knowledge, strategic perspective, robust network, and blue-chip pedigree that students acquire there are worth their weight in gold. Furthermore, most candidates easily express great passion and desire for achieving MBA admission....

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Admitted to CBS

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Fortuna and their team have been incredibly helpful and wonderful to work with. As an international reapplicant who faced multiple “dings” last year, I decided to reach out to Fortuna for some advice this year. Their team showed me the weaknesses in my application, and...

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Scandal Swirls Around Stanford: Dean Saloner Resigns

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Here’s the short story: Stanford Graduate School of Business Dean Garth Saloner, who has been serving as dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Business since 2009, will be leaving his post next summer. He was having an affair with GSB professor Deborah Gruenfeld (of...

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How To Stand Out As An IT Applicant: 3 Tips

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Our blog series, 12 Terrific Tips, offers specialized advice for MBA applicants in a range of situations – from deciding between an MBA and EMBA program, to applying as a member of an overpopulated sub-group, to acing your interviews…and loads more! Here’s the second post: We...

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Six Tips For Better Resumes

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Need advice on how to make your “greatest hits” shine? Looking for ways to grab the adcom’s attention with a resume that highlights your academic prowess, professional strengths, leadership skills, and overall impressiveness? The following six tips will help you create a stunning resume that’s...

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What’s Really Important In MBA Admissions? Interview With Rotman’s Niki da Silva

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100 episodes after her first interview on the show, the most popular Admissions Straight Talk guest is back! For the scoop on what’s new at one of MBA-dom’s most innovative admissions offices, listen to our conversation with Niki da Silva, Recruitment & Admissions Director for Rotman’s...

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New Immersive Seminars at Columbia Business School

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Columbia Business School recently launched a new immersive experience for its full-time MBA students that provides students the chance to interact with C-suite executives and discuss the future of business, ongoing challenges, opportunities, and strategies at play. The inaugural seminars, led by Columbia Business School faculty...

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GMAT Question of the Day (September 25)

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Math What is the value of ? (1) is the mode of {3, 0, 1, -1, 0, 5, 1} (2) is the median of {-4, 4, 2, -2} Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - B - (click and drag your mouse to...

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Anatomy of a Quant Question: There’s More Than 1 Way to the Answer

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One of the great aspects of most of the GMAT Quant questions that you’ll face on Test Day is that they can be approached in more than one way. You can always take a technical approach, but often there is a faster strategic option (one...

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Recent Innovations in the MBA Admissions Process

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With the start of the new 2015-2016 MBA admissions cycle, the world’s best business schools are receiving a flood of transcripts, resumes, GMAT scores, recommendations and essays from MBA applicants who have spent the past few months focusing on the application materials that they hope...

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