7 Essentials to Ace Your MBA Interview

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With the round 2 interview season underway, former Harvard Business School Assistant Director Malvina Miller Complainville from the Fortuna team offers 7 top tips to boost your performance in your MBA interviews. (Full article on Poets and Quants.) 7 Essentials to Ace Your MBA Interview 1. Understand...

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Highlights from the Bloomberg Job Skills Report 2016

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What are job recruiters looking for in their MBA hires? What skills are they looking for? What skills are hardest to find? 1,251 job recruiters at 547 companies were surveyed for the 2016 Bloomberg Job Skills Report about the skills they seek in job candidates...

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GMAT Tuesday: Common AWA Flaws – Inappropriate Comparisons

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Today, we take on argument flaws! The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) for the GMAT presents you with an argument that contains multiple flaws. There are a handful of argument flaws that appear in these arguments time and time again. Knowing these common flaws, how to identify...

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Sell Yourself With an MBA Resume

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Demonstrate sharp communication and leadership skills when discussing your duties at work. This post originally appeared on Stacy’s “Strictly Business” MBA Blog on U.S.News.com The MBA resume is a whole other animal from the standard curriculum vitae designed to land you a job. The resume you tailor...

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Wharton’s Leadership Program Receives $10 Million Gift

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Consulting%%www.expartus.com%% Anne Welsh McNulty and the John P. & Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation have just donated $10 million to Wharton‘s Leadership Program. In honor of the gift, the program will be renamed the Anne and John McNulty Leadership Program. The McNulty Leadership Program offers...

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EMBA Program Variety

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This is the third post in our Ace the EMBA series on how to apply successfully to a top executive MBA program. Get need-to-know EMBA basics down with these important tips. Once upon a time, EMBA programs primarily targeted and attracted managers working in local corporations.  The...

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What if the President of the United States Wrote Your Letter of Recommendation?

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On this President’s Day, let’s ponder the following: Would a letter of recommendation from President Barack Obama, President of the United States himself, ensure your acceptance? I’m sure a letter from President Obama would get passed around the admissions office. That presidential seal and signature (even...

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GMAT Question of the Day (February 16)

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Math The angles in a triangle are , , and degrees. If , and are the lengths of the sides opposite to angles , , and

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Interactive Workshop in Los Angeles for Business School Applicants

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For those of you interested in attending a top business school, Marvel Admissions Consulting will be hosting an interactive workshop to help you jumpstart the application process. We will help clarify your career goals, discuss ways to overcome weaknesses in your profile, and generate ideas...

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Wharton Team-based Discussion: A Tactic for Success

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  Envision yourself entering the conference room for your Wharton Team-based Discussion (TBD). During the next 35 minutes, you need to build trust, exchange ideas and reach consensus with these smart, diverse, and highly accomplished individuals competing for the same seat in the Wharton Class of...

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