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Top B-Schools Seek Opportunities in Africa

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For the last few decades, European, Asian, and American business schools have merged from-a-distance partnerships with programs on the African continent. Now, reports a recent Businessweek article, "For B-Schools, Opportunities Rise in Africa," these Western b-schools are ready to get up close and personal with...

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MBA News Roundup: Work Experience, Job Prospects, and a Q&A with MIT Sloan

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Prepared by the GMAT prep team at Knewton. This week's MBA news roundup starts with a question on every applicant's mind: How much work experience do you need before b-school? Read on to learn about the experience question, post-MBA job prospects, and what MIT Sloan is...

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Veritas Prep MBA Admissions: New Building at MIT Sloan

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Scott Shrum is the Director of Admissions Research for Veritas Prep. Named E62 in MIT's tradition of giving every building on campus an alphanumeric designation, the new 215,000 square-foot building will hold offices for Sloan faculty and administration, classrooms, a cafeteria, group study rooms, and more. As...

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Top Tier Universities Launch Online M.A. Programs

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While the concept of online education is hardly revolutionary, among top tier universities it is virtually unheard of. That is…until recently. Dartmouth, Cornell, and NYU, three elite institutions, are among the first to venture into the world of online programs. Cornell and NYU offer online...

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MBA Admissions News Round Up

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UVA Darden announced last week the launch of its new Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) program. The 20-month part-time program is designed for executives who are seeking to sharpen their skills in a global framework. "The program will enhance the skills of high-potential...

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Clear Admit Admissions Tip: International Study Trips

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Over the last decade, most business schools have sought ways to provide relevant, hands-on international business exposure within the confines of a two-year degree. The solution that many schools have arrived at is study trips, which allow students to spend a few weeks exploring the...

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MBA Admissions News: Dipak C. Jain Named Dean of INSEAD

By - Sep 22, 02:34 AM   Comments [0]

The former dean of Northwestern Kellogg, Dipak C. Jain, has just been appointed dean of the international business school, INSEAD. He will take his post in 2011 when current dean, J. Frank Brown, steps down. Dean Jain, an Indian-born American citizen, was dean of Kellogg from...

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Oops! Economist Errs in MBS Ranking

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The Melbourne Business School sets the record straight regarding its international ranking position with The Economist at number 46 in a BlueSky press release ("The Economist got it wrong"). The school reports that its position should be considerably higher. In the Economist rankings, which were released late...

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GMAC Reports MBA Admissions Trends

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GMAC released its 2010 Application Trends survey earlier this week. 665 graduate business programs at 327 business schools from 39 countries around the world responded to the survey. Major findings include: 59% of EMBA programs saw an increase in application volume. It was the first increase...

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MBA Admissions News Round Up: What’s Going On in the World of Top MBA Admissions

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Large, elaborate b-school campuses don't just attract more applicants and professors, but help a school climb higher in the rankings, reports a Businessweek article, "Elite B-Schools Keep on Building." According to Yale professor Matthew Speigel, "Elite business schools in the U.S. are locked in an...

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