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HEC Tops in Marketing Outside US Per Princeton Review

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Reuters reports: HEC in France has been voted the top business school outside the USA for the teaching of marketing by over 19,000 business school students in the latest survey by The Princeton Review. The school was one of only two non-US schools to feature in...

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2009 GMAT Club’s Business School Rankings

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Second Annual GMAT Club MBA Rankings - Top 20 schools ranked based on the interest each of the Schools generates throughout the year  on the GMAT Club's MBA forum. Methodology: each of the business school master threads is examined and views are counted to arrive at...

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Admissions News: Duke’s New MM, WL Chat Transcript, Moms in Business

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A few admissions news items from this week: Duke's Fuqua School of Business will offer a master's program aimed at recent graduates with little or no work experience starting in August 2009. The program will provide a Masters in Management Studies ("MMS") and consist of 12...

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HBS Applicants Face Big Week

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Harvard Business School's Admissions Director Dee Leopold announced in her blog that next week will be a critical week for MBA applicants to HBS. HBS will extend offers of admission to about 40 round-one waitlisters shortly after April 2. HBS will release all round-two admissions decisions on...

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Thank You Thursday!

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Tweet! It is with great pleasure that we announce our first Thank You Thursday winner! "WorldTutorExch" Congratulations on winning your choice of Admissions Ebooks! As mentioned earlier this week, we'd like to thank our Twitter followers. So twice a month, we will randomly pick one of...

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Lincoln’s Leadership Among Rivals

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The uber-attribute of admissions is leadership. Yes schools want to see intelligence and achievement, but when discussing personal qualities, leadership is at the top of every admissions professional's Most Wanted List. You can read volumes about leaders and leadership -- good and bad. I just finished...

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Twitter Thank you Thursday!

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A few of you may remember my "Tweet Tweet" post last August where I skeptically announced Accepted's participation in Twitter. Well since then I discovered that I actually enjoy the simplicity and brevity of Twitter: A maximum of 140 characters per post.  It's easy and allows...

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European B-Schools In Demand

By - Mar 20, 10:08 AM   Comments [0]

This was a week for articles about the demand for European business schools like London Business School, INSEAD, and IMD among US applicants seeking both MBA and EMBA degrees. Here is a sample: An MBA With Savoir Faire from The Wall St. Journal. BusinessWeek's Special Report: "B-Schools...

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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Which B-School Offer to Accept

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I am happily hearing about multiple acceptances this week.  I read that Samantha, author of the modestly named Best MBA Blog Ever, has been accepted to three schools: Columbia, Tuck (with $$$), and Kellogg. I am not judging blogs or the accuracy of that blog's...

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6 To-Do’s if Waitlisted and Upcoming MBA Waitlist Chats

By - Mar 17, 11:27 AM   Comments [4]

Maverick of the "En Route to MBA" blog gives excellent advice to waitlisted MBA applicants in his recent post "Waitlist -> Admit - How?" based on his experience getting accepted from the Carey waitlist.  (Congrats Maverick!) Maverick refers to a "waitlist appointment" in his post.  If you...

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