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What’s an MBA worth in a lifetime?

By - Feb 10, 12:54 PM   Comments [0]

Did you ever wonder what an MBA is really worth? Not just upon graduation. Not just in the first five years following graduation? But over the twenty years following graduation? BusinessWeek commissioned a study by Payscale, which it released earlier today.  While by BW's own admission...

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Recruiting Drops at Business Schools

By - Feb 9, 09:17 AM   Comments [0]

The Wall St. Journal continues the drum beat of bad news. Recruiting is down at business schools. A survey by the MBA Career Services Council, an association of business school career offices, reveals: 56% of surveyed career office representatives -- a significant jump over the fall figure of...

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MBA Admissions: Articles of Interest in Downturn

By - Feb 6, 11:34 AM   Comments [0]

I'm back from vacation and noticed a few worthwhile articles and interviews that appeared recently, all reflecting in one way or another the tough economic times and responses to them. MBA Job Outlook Dims The lights aren't turned off, but they are dimmed. Here are a...

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Insight Into Michigan Ross Admissions

By - Jan 29, 09:46 AM   Comments [0]

The Monroe St. Journal has an excellent interview with Ross Admissions Director Soojin Kwon Koh in which she discusses admissions trends this year, changes in Ross's admissions process, and the role of Ross second-year students and alumni in the admissions process. A few highlights: Ross experienced an...

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B-School clubs, interview etiquette tips – GMAT Club

By - Jan 28, 13:34 PM   Comments [0]

Would you rather spend some time studying or socializing? Read a related discussion in our forum. Interview etiquette tips on name pronunciation are given here.

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The Financial Crisis: Danger or Opportunity

By - Jan 27, 14:28 PM   Comments [0]

On a recent very long flight, I was pacing up and down the aisle and noticed a header on a computer screen: "The Financial Crisis: Danger or Opportunity." I have no idea what my fellow passenger was writing about, but I started mulling over that...

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What to do after MBA, living expenses estimates – GMAT Club

By - Jan 22, 17:03 PM   Comments [0]

Do you really know what you want to do after you get MBA? See the poll results and comments regarding the issue in the forum. What are the estimates of the living expenses during your MBA? Of course it depends on location greatly, but here are...

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Chicago (Booth) vs. Michigan (Ross), MBA for family business – GMAT Club

By - Jan 21, 14:37 PM   Comments [0]

Chicago (Booth) without scholarship vs. Michigan (Ross) with full tuition scholarship. Which Business School would you choose? Read advice from our members in the forum. MBA for people planning to return to the family business. What Business Schools are the best for this purpose? Read more.

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Internship interview bidding system, 150-point GMAT increase – GMAT Club

By - Jan 20, 17:04 PM   Comments [0]

Internship/Full-Time interview bidding systems in Chicago (Booth) and UVA (Darden) are explained by current students in this thread. Is it possible to achieve a 150-point increase in the GMAT score in less than 2 months? It is. Read an inspiring debrief in our forum.

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Michigan Ross Waitlist Chat

By - Jan 20, 12:00 PM   Comments [0]

If you are waitlisted at Ross, this is your chance to ask questions, listen to others' questions, and obtain informed answers. On Thursday, January 22, 2008 at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET/6:00 PM GMT, Soojin Kwon Koh, Director of Admissions at Michigan's Ross School of Business...

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