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Free time activities after R2 applications, partner job search – GMAT Club

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What will you do with your spare time after Round 2 applications? Get some ideas from our members. Job search questions for your significant other are discussed here.

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MBA Tour Photo Essay

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I received an email last week about The MBA Tour's Photo Essay Contest, which ends in early February.  There are lots of valuable prizes and apparently the number of entries has been low so your chances to win are excellent. The rules say you need...

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New $100-Million Energy Research Institute at Stanford University

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The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Stanford University has raised $100-million to finance a new energy research institute that will study and devise practical solutions to global energy problems. Stanford University president, John L. Hennessy says that the institute’s primary goal will be to...

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MBA’s: 1 Request and 1 Question

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MBA's I have a favor and a question: The favor: will change its design this year, and we would like your input on how the blog should appear. Please take our 3-question survey and let your voice be heard. The question: I will probably be in Israel...

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Weather/climate impact, great accomplishments vs. great story – GMAT Club

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Is weather/climate an important factor while choosing a Business School? Read more. Great accomplishments vs. great story in your applications. Read more.

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MBA Admissions Event: Access MBA Tour 2009

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For those of you seriously considering an MBA, the Access MBA Tour can be a great resource in helping you navigate the plethora of options. Taking place in over twenty five countries around the globe, the Access MBA Tour offers prospective MBA applicants the opportunity...

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MBA Waitlist: What do you do?

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An MBA applicant recently told me that he was advised to retake his GMAT by a school representative. The school  had waitlisted him and is among the few to offer feedback. He really didn't want to retake the GMAT and asked my opinion -- hoping...

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2009 HBS 2+2 Essay Questions Are Online

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Harvard has posted its essay questions for the 2+2 program, class entering in fall 2012. I will post tips in the next few days; in the meantime, here are the questions and key dates: Harvard Business School 2+2 Program Key Dates: Application Submission: July 7, 2009 (5 p.m....

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MBA Admissions Q&A Transcripts for MIT, USC; Upcoming Consortium Chat

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We had two informative chats last week and one coming up this week. The transcripts from this weeks events are already up! 2009 MIT Sloan MBA Application Tips with Jennifer Burke Barba. A few excerpts: torruda(Jan 5, 2009 12:16:04 PM) Jen: How does the importance of the cover letter...

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4 Tips for Proofing Your Prose

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Tons of deadlines this month, and I meant to post these tips earlier in the week. Time got away from me. Please use these techniques for essays with upcoming deadlines. Give yourself a break. Put the application away for a day, overnight, several hours, or at...

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