2009 Beautiful B-School Photo Contest Winners

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And the winners are: The First Prize ($200 Amazon Gift Certificate) goes to Simon Lau for a magnificent shot of Columbia’s dormitory. Second Prize ($100 gift certificate) to Ninad Gujar for a stunning photo of fall foliage near Tuck. Third Prize ($50 gift certificate): A tie between Bizwiz for...

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MBA News from the Bay Area: Haas, Stanford

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The two most prominent business schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, Haas and Stanford,  both had "news" yesterday that MBA applicants should know about: Haas announced that its faculty unanimously approved curriculum reform including: Strengthening the general management framework at Haas. More leadership training, specifically at the...

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Rejected/Dinged from Business Schools this Year? What are the chances for next year’s MBA admission?

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Rejected or Dinged from all MBA programs applied? Should you re-apply next year? What are the chances of admission if you have been dinged before? What is the application strategy? There is a great discussion started on GMAT Club MBA Forum - 2008 Zero Admits Club....

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Lots going on here: Best Practices for MBA Admissions Are you planning to apply in the fall? Wondering what you should be doing now to improve your chances? Curious about the importance of your GMAT, GPA, work experience in the application shuffle? Come to Accepted's free...

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The European MBA Alternative

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Mobility has long been a by-word for MBA graduates, so amidst the current economic woes and uncertain MBA job market, more and more applicants are considering an MBA outside the US. In fact, a study this month by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation shows that...

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How Business Schools Have Failed Business

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Business school deans and educational thought leaders are doing a lot of soul-searching concerning the role and culpability of graduate business schools in the economic downturn. Dean Robert Bruner of Darden on April 5 wrote on Twitter "Controversy over the role of B-schools in the crisis. Did...

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How Should You Use Rankings? (Part 3 of 5)

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How should you use the rankings? For initial research and data mining. And maybe a little reputation checking if you are lucky enough to receive multiple acceptances. First for that initial research: Let’s say you are looking into the schools you will apply to. You recognize...

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The Rankings (Part 2)

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The rankings are not… The rankings are not objective measures of educational quality that apply across the board to all students. Nothing fits that bill. Educational quality is highly subjective, and experts debate it endlessly. Moreover, student objectives vary so “quality” differs from student to student. For...

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The Rankings (Part 1)

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US News is publishing its much-watched, much-maligned annual ranking of graduate programs by April 23. I have developed several posts on rankings, what they are, what they aren't, and how to use them. I will post them over the next several days. Ahh, those rankings. Hated...

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Thank You Thursday Winner

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Tweet! It's Thursday again and time for our next winner!Thank YouThursday Liz Short 19 followers • from West Virginia, US Congratulations on winning your choice of Admissions Ebooks! We want to thank our Twitter followers. Twice a month, we randomly pick one of our followers as...

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