Register for Gripping MBA Goals Webinar!

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Having trouble figuring out how you should structure your MBA goals essay? Not even sure what qualifies as a “goal”?’s free, 45-minute webinar, The Art of a Gripping MBA Goals Essay, will teach you how to create a compelling MBA goals essay that reveals...

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Cornell Johnson Admissions Director Interview Available Online

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We had an excellent Q&A last week with Randall Sawyer, Cornell Johnson’s Assistant Dean of Admissions, Financial Aid and Inclusion. The excerpt below should give you an idea of how thorough, informative, and enjoyable the session was: Linda Abraham: Entreman asks, “What is the core strength...

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Wharton Admissions Director Interview

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We had an excellent Q&A last week with Tiffany Gooden, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, and Meghan Bass, Associate Director of Admissions at Wharton. If you missed the Wharton event or if you wish to review it, you can read the whole transcript or listen...

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Online MBA Fair by The Economist Nov 15-16

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The Economist is launching a Global Online MBA Forum on 15th and 16th November 2010 for all potential MBA candidates interested in meeting business schools, gaining practical advice, and learning about diverse MBA programmes around the world. Some of the schools exhibiting are: ● Cornell University: Johnson...

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MBA Admissions News Round Up

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A Businessweek article reports on the increased phenomenon of helicopter parents…not at preschools, middle schools, or even colleges, but at business schools. “Helicopter parents,” a term used to describe hovering parents, have taken an active role in their children’s b-school application process. And when we...

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Free LIVE MBA Admissions Advice — Sign up Now!

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Round 1 has already come and gone…but you’re far from the end of this year’s MBA admissions season. With Round 2 and Round 3 dead ahead, you’re bound to have questions, and likely lots of them. That’s why hosts its mid-season MBA Admissions Telethon. During...

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The MBA Tour + GMAT Strategy Session – Nov. 2010 (Canada)

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Sponsored by The Princeton Review, meet with business school admissions directors and alumni to discuss what an MBA can do for your career and what it takes to get accepted to these programs. Register | More Info Available Dates 8 Nov Calgary 10 Nov Vancouver 13 Nov Toronto 15 Nov Montreal Info Video #leftcontent td {padding: 5px}...

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MBA Profile Evaluation Webinar Available Online

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Last week Natalie Grinblatt Epstein, editor and consultant and former b-school admissions dean, presented MBA Reality Check, a packed-to-capacity webinar about evaluating your business school profile. In MBA Reality Check, Natalie provides soup to nuts advice on how you can measure your b-school qualifications against...

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Top B-School Admissions Gets Easier, for Some

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A Businessweek article reports on the drop in selectivity among top business schools including Michigan Ross, Cornell Johnson, UCLA Anderson, Indiana Kelley, and Maryland Smith. These schools all admitted a higher percentage of applicants in 2010 than they did in 2008, when b-school application numbers...

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Consortium Admissions Director Interview

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If you attended our recent Consortium Q&A, then you know that we had an overwhelming number of questions and simply not enough time to address them all. Rebecca Dockery and Stacy Thomas, Consortium Recruiting Directors, have agreed to answer the remaining questions here on our...

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