News Flash!! Essays That Stick This Wednesday

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Since last week's presentation of "Essays that Stick" for the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants did not have enough room for all who wanted to attend, I decided to offer this thought-provoking webinar again for those who missed the previous event for whatever reason...

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Asian GMAT Stats Overview

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GMAC (the Graduate Management Admission Council) released a press release this week about the incredible jump in GMAT volume in Asia over the last five years. Below you'll find a summary of GMAC's recent statistics: 265,613 – The number of total GMAT exams taken globally in...

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More Students Head to Mom and Pop For Jobs

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With the job market as bad as it is, that family business is starting to look more and more appealing to many undergraduate business school students and graduates, reports a BusinessWeek article last week entitled "Family Inc.: The New B-School Job Choice." Many undergraduate business students...

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Latin American Universities Embrace Globalized Education

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Top universities in Latin America—concentrated mainly in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil—have poured an increasingly large amount of government funds into sending students abroad to complete graduate degrees and on improving the educational standards at home, reports a Chronicle article titled "Latin America Hopes...

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FINAL REMINDER: Beautiful B-School Photo Contest Ends Tomorrow!

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You've got one more day to submit those stunning photos you took during your recent b-school visits to Accepted's Beautiful B-School Photo Contest. We'll bet you never thought that taking a picture of that massive snowball fight at MIT Sloan would win you a $200

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Are Top Universities Just Trying to Scare You with “All-Time Low” Acceptance Rates?

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"Every year the most selective colleges report that acceptance rates are at an all-time low, which freaks out the next class of high school juniors to no end," says Kevin Carey in his Chronicle opinion piece "Real College-Acceptance Rates Are Higher Than You Think." In Carey's...

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Columbia Full-Time MBA: A Current Student Interview

By - Apr 27, 12:41 PM   Comments [0] has started a new blog series offering our readers a behind-the-scenes look at selected MBA programs through interviews with current student. We hope to offer you a candid picture of student life, and what you should consider as you prepare your application. Our first stop? ...

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Do You Take Advantage of Your School’s Career Center?

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When most students are applying to graduate school, they usually focus on the caliber of the program, the reputation of the professors, and the location. What's generally not on their criteria list—but should be—is the quality of a school's career services department. According to "Consider a...

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GMAC Institutes Greater Security Measures

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The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has taken greater measures to secure GMAT test-taking, implementing biometric palm-vein technology to prevent cheating, reports a Financial Times article, "Helping hand for GMAT security." Dave Wilson, CEO of GMAC, explains that when he joined GMAC in 1995, one of...

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Getting Your MBA Goals in Shape

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Knowing they’ll have to write essays about their goals, most b-school applicants have identified their goals prior to starting the application process.  But I’ve found that “identified” often has a very narrow scope, too narrow to effectively serve the purpose of the essays. With some moderate...

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