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Like vs. as: do you know the difference between the two?

By - Oct 6, 08:58 AM   Comments [0]

Most people hear and use the word “like” more pervasively than many other words in the English language. When it comes to the GMAT (sentence correction, in particular), the difference between like and as in a sentence is subtle enough to make it difficult to...

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GMAT interest rate questions: a beginner’s guide

By - Oct 2, 06:55 AM   Comments [0]

Most people understand that when their money lives in an interest-bearing account, it grows over time. That’s simple enough. However, interest rate questions on the GMAT are a bit trickier and have more moving parts. Before we dive into any examples, let’s take a step...

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Which admissions test should you take? GMAT vs. GRE

By - Sep 30, 07:02 AM   Comments [0]

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Double negatives are doubly offensive on the GMAT

By - Sep 22, 12:49 PM   Comments [0]

Readers of this blog know that we are big proponents for keeping things simple when responding to the AWA section of the GMAT. Instead of writing long sentences that can be confusing and actually take credibility away from the writer, it’s best to separate thoughts...

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How to make the most of today’s Virtual MBA Fair

By - Sep 16, 07:32 AM   Comments [0]

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Three reasons to attend this fall’s Virtual MBA Fair

By - Sep 9, 07:39 AM   Comments [0]

The autumnal installment of our popular Virtual MBA Fair is just around the corner. Have you registered yet? Here are just three of the many reasons you don't want to miss out:

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Using subjunctive on the GMAT

By - Sep 4, 09:27 AM   Comments [0]

Not many people have even heard of the subjunctive mood in English. However, the GMAT test makers have! Here’s a quick review to get you up to speed. 1. What is the subjunctive? Consider the following sentence: I insist that you are on time. This sounds quite...

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GMAT Reading Comprehension: improve speed by taking notes

By - Aug 25, 09:19 AM   Comments [0]

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Simplifying GMAT Exponent Questions

By - Aug 21, 13:33 PM   Comments [0]

Consider the following example: 28 x 46 x 320

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MBA Application Essays: How to Avoid the Two Common Mistakes

By - Aug 19, 07:42 AM   Comments [0]

On the surface, many applicants to elite MBA programs share similar backgrounds and traits. They are ambitious, driven, accomplished, and have strong academic records and impressive test scores. In short, they are leaders and achievers. But just because candidates share these characteristics doesn’t mean their...

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