MBA News: Better Business Education Networking, Recruiting Up

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What does Harvard Business School really look for in its MBA candidates? Credit: David Jones via Flickr cc From noteworthy MBA networking tips to wowing the Harvard Business School admissions committee—it’s been a sizzling month of business education news. Keep reading to find out what’s going...

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GMAT or GRE for Business School?

By - Jul 23, 14:41 PM   Comments [0]

Is the GMAT or GRE your best bet for business school admissions? You know you’re going to get an MBA. The question is, what route will you take? More specifically, you may be wondering which test to take—GMAT or GRE? Deciding between GMAT or GRE for business...

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MBA News: Business Education Avatars, GMAT Scoring Changes

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With the new GMAT scoring policy, repeat test takers get a clean slate. What does the new GMAT scoring and cancellation policy mean for test takers? Which business school just got $60M? Can 3D avatars improve online MBA programs? Keep reading to find out all this...

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4 Reasons to Take a Free GMAT Practice Test

By - Jul 14, 10:10 AM   Comments [0]

Simulate the challenge of Test Day. Why should you sign up for one of the many upcoming Free Online GMAT Practice Tests that Kaplan offers? There are plenty of good reasons, but here are some of the most important: 1. Stamina training for Test Day It’s tough to...

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MBA News: Inside Top-Ranked MBA Admissions

By - Jul 9, 07:41 AM   Comments [0]

Duke Fuqua’s MBA admissions gatekeeper tells all. When should you start networking for business school? Will the GMAT hit Havana? What really goes on behind the scenes of MBA admissions at a top-ranked school like Duke Fuqua? Keep reading to find out. Networking early and often It’s never...

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Student Loan Assistance for Public Sector Jobs

By - Jul 7, 08:37 AM   Comments [2]

Many business schools offer student loan assistance to grads who enter public sector jobs. Credits: EarthDayPictures via Flickr cc Pervasive stereotypes paint MBA students as unapologetic, ethics-be-damned capitalists, arming themselves to improve their own lot by exploiting others. Yet, many MBAs matriculate into business school with the...

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MBA News: Which MBA Jobs Are Most Desirable?

By - Jul 2, 08:44 AM   Comments [0]

Just how big is the business school salary bump? Do MBA jobs really pay more? Which companies are trending with business school graduates? Could residency become the norm for earning an online MBA? Keep reading to find out. What are the most desirable MBA jobs? For the ninth...

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Top 5 GMAT Study Tips from Former Students

By - Jun 30, 08:34 AM   Comments [0]

Former students share their GMAT study strategies. We often ask GMAT students who are nearing the end of their Kaplan course if they have any recommendations or advice for incoming students. Although not all of you are or will be Kaplan students, the GMAT study tips...

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Salaries, Business School Applicants in China, and More in MBA News

By - Jun 25, 11:29 AM   Comments [0]

What’s the best time to go to business school for the optimal salary? From business school admissions officers shifting their focus to applicants in China to spikes in startup-centric education and in female entrepreneurship, here’s the latest in MBA news. What’s the “right age” to get your...

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Breaking Down the GMAT Format

By - Jun 23, 10:21 AM   Comments [0]

The GMAT is a computer adaptive test (CAT), which adapts to your performance as you’re taking the test. The GMAT is a computer adaptive test (CAT), which is more than just a digital version of a written exam. A CAT adapts to your performance as you’re...

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