Student Stories: How to improve 80 GMAT points

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80 GMAT points is a lot to improve, but Casey from Georgia set her goal, put her mind to it and then achieved it! She’s currently a senior at the University of Georgia and on track to enter a Masters of Accountancy program.

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The GMAT as a first date

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The GMAT is like a first date: first impressions matter, but you must be on the top of your game throughout the entire time.

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GMAT Strategy and Time Management: When to Guess

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Guessing on the GMAT is a painful decision – especially for advanced test takers.  In the past, sometimes you were punished for guessing (like on the SATs) and sometimes you were made to feel like you weren’t fully prepared (remember college Spanish classes?). However, on...

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GMAT Study Tip: Slow Down to Improve

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A great GMAT study tip is what I call The Slow Down Paradox: going slower on the GMAT can make you faster. Recently, one of my GMAT tutoring students, an engineering undergrad at Penn, hit the test prep wall.  After a couple of months of study...

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What’s a Good GMAT Score and What Score Do You Need?

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Quite simply, the GMAT score you need is the one that gets you into the b-school of your choice. Let’s look at GMAT scoring in more detail to give this initial statement more context. GMAT Scoring Basics GMAT scores are used by business schools to provide a common...

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Advance Your Personal Goals NOW!

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We have noted before in our Mission Admission series that it is never too late to improve your business school candidacy by engaging in community activities. Today, we send a similar message with regard to personal leadership—you always have time to take steps to bolster your chances of...

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National Black MBA Association and other opportunities

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Black History Month allows everyone the opportunity to reflect on the storied history and impact of the African diaspora around the world. In case you were not aware, the annual observance is not exclusive to the United States—it is also officially observed during the month...

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Why Should You Get an MBA?

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It’s a simple question: why should you get an MBA? Maybe you shouldn’t. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. Despite chewing on the idea and even finding some solid reasons to toss onto the ‘Yes’ pile, it may well be true...

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GMAT Data Sufficiency and Averages

By - Feb 13, 13:00 PM   Comments [1]

Who’s afraid of a little GMAT Data Sufficiency and Averages? Not you! Take this one step-by-step to get to the correct answer. Consider timing yourself to see how close you are to the 2 minute suggested average for GMAT DS questions. Post your answer here in the...

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GMAT Question of the Week: Data Sufficiency and Averages – The Explanation

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If you haven’t already, visit our GMAT Data Sufficiency and Averages practice problem and give it a try on your own before reading the explanation. To get this question correct, you must combine your knowledge of fundamental math concepts with use of the Kaplan Method and strategies...

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