Finding Flaws in the Argument: Part II

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Yesterday we took a look at identifying assumptions in Argument essay questions, and today we’ll take a deeper look on how you can further dismantle the argument made.

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GMAT Problem Solving Practice: The Solution

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Did you try out Friday’s GMAT problem solving practice question? If not, give it a try before you look at the solution. Here’s a reminder: A theater charges $12 for seats in the orchestra and $8 for seats in the balcony.  On a certain night, a...

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GMAT Problem Solving Practice

By - Jan 31, 09:33 AM   Comments [2]

It’s time again for some GMAT practice. Hey, I know you’re gearing up for a weekend of football and snacks, but why not set aside a few minutes to try this practice problem before you put on your beer hat? Here, I’ll even give you...

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Student Stories: Breaking the 700 GMAT barrier

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We are excited to launch a new series on our blog called Student Stories, which will feature Economist GMAT Tutor students sharing what worked—and more importantly, what didn’t work—on their GMAT journeys.

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Technology and Your GMAT Prep

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The GMAT is in many ways a technological marvel. Thousands of locations across the globe instantly report scores on the same test. The computer-adaptive test adapts to your skill level, adjusting difficulty on a question by question basis. Every center is equipped with a state-of-the-art palm scanner for additional...

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If you are like most people, the title of this post seems to be written in code. If so, then at least you’re on the right track––code has something to do with it. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course and it is an acronym...

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Note-taking and the GMAT: Part I

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Note-taking is not everyone’s favorite task, but I’ve found it helps immensely in organizing the dense material students need to cover to achiev

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Writing the GMAT Argument Essay

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As you probably know by now, with the inclusion of the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section came the exclusion of the one of the previously required essays.  Before the test change, GMAT test takers built the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) score on the backs of two essays: Analysis...

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Test Your GMAT Sentence Correction Skills: The Explanations

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Hopefully you’ve already tried out our GMAT Sentence Correction quiz. If not, stop right now and do so! There’s great value in trying these questions on your own first before reading the explanations. Now, on to the explanations to these questions… GMAT Sentence Correction Quiz Just like Congress...

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What to Expect on GMAT Test Day

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Most of you, after months of careful study, know what to expect on test day in terms of GMAT content.  However, it also important to know what to expect when you arrive at the Pearson Center for your GMAT test day.  Just as you have learned and practiced GMAT strategies,...

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