Announcing the launch of GMAT Tutor’s Android App

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   You asked for it, we developed it. The Android app is here!

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At Albany State University, Students are Priority

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Located in Albany, Georgia, Albany State University and its business school promote an in-depth, hands-on academic experience for each of its students. The University and its faculty see academia as a journey, and they attempt to help students embark on an enriched journey towards education. Quick...

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The Modern GMAT’s Ancient Roots

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Mathematics credits its most famous formula to a legendary Greek, Pythagoras of Samos. This gem of trigonometry has had far-reaching impact in every sphere of mathematics and appears quite frequently on the GMAT.

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Set Your GMAT Score Goal

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Do you know what your GMAT score goal should be?  Do you know how to figure that out?  Look, you need a target score and I need you to set it.  Here’s how: Do some research.  Compile a list of all the programs you’d like to attend.  Be thorough in your research and...

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Using Common Knowledge on GMAT Critical Reasoning: The Solution

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Did you try out last year's Critical Reasoning practice question? Okay, it was really only a few days ago, but that was 2013, and we're fresh into 2014. Let's start off strong with breaking down this GMAT Critical Reasoning question in a way that will allow...

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Finding Flaws in the Argument: Part II

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Yesterday we took a look at identifying assumptions in Argument essay questions, and today we’ll take a deeper look on how you can further dismantle the argument made.

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Top 5 Secrets of GMAT High Scorers

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It's the time of year for countdown lists, so I'm sharing with you my advice for how to become a high scorer on the GMAT. It takes serious drive and dedication, and these five tips will help you on the path to success. The Top 5...

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Finding Flaws in the Argument: Part I

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When we say that someone is “always finding flaws” in another person, we usually mean that in an unflattering way. However, the AWA Argument essay is where you can allow this flaw-finding faculty of yours to shine, if you have it.

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Using Common Knowledge on GMAT Critical Reasoning

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Here is a very simple argument: A - B = C. Over time, A has increased. Therefore, C has increased. If the argument seems simplistic, that's because it is—it's not very test-like or very challenging. It gives evidence about changes in A and concludes about a change...

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Mind the Gap: Part III

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We recently introduced a method for solving problems in which people or objects are moving in the same direction.

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