MBA Application Videos Likely to Become the New Normal

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Have you or are you submitting applications to business school? Was a recorded video component an aspect of one or more of those applications? If so, how did you feel about it? In a recent US News article, Get Ready for MBA Application Videos, a burgeoning...

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How is the GMAT score calculated?: Part II

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The Verbal and Quant sections are the two portions of the GMAT that are adaptive. What this means is that the difficulty of each question you see depends on how you answered the previous one of the same type.

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GMAT Answers of the Week: Scary Edition

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Did our latest GMAT Questions of the Week scare you into studying? We hope so! We offered you two questions, and today we have the answers and explanations we know you’re dying to read. So without further ad0, here are the GMAT Answers of the...

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GMAT Questions of the Week: Scary Edition

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In honor of this week’s scary holiday, we present you with a couple of (semi) themed GMAT practice problems. Electrifying! Need some help with tackling GMAT Sentence Correction questions? Check out our YouTube video for guidance. Post your answers in the comments, and we’ll share the answer...

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How is the GMAT score calculated?: Part I

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The topic of scoring on the GMAT is a complex one. This is the first in a three part series outlining just what an adaptive exam is exactly, how GMAT scoring works and how you can use that to your advantage.

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Score Higher by Avoiding Algebra

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Demonstrating a contradiction is a powerful technique for data sufficiency questions on the Quant section of the GMAT. As an example, let’s take a look at the following data sufficiency problem: Is b < ? (1) b < a (2) b = -2

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Verbal Live Prep 3.0

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Announcing Verbal Live Prep 3.0 e-GMAT announces Verbal Live Prep 3.0, the world’s only course that teaches core skills and now includes workshops. Read below for more details:     Verbal Live Prep has been the world’s top rated verbal course for non-natives since the last three years. It...

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Relevant information in Critical Reasoning Problems

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The GMAT frequently tests your ability to sort relevant facts from irrelevant details. While it takes time and practice to become skilled at this process, there are a few things you can learn to look out for.

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‘May’ vs. ‘Must’ on Quant Items

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Suppose you see the following in the stem: If x/y>0, and y<0… Given these two inequalities, you might (correctly) guess that you are supposed to deduce a fact about x. In fact, since x/y is positive and y is negative, we know that x must be positive.

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A “Four” by Any Other Name

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As a young child, I thought my mother’s given name was “Mom.” I could never figure out why other people didn’t call her by name. To make matters worse, her close friends called her by a nickname that didn’t sound anything like her “real” name.

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