Absolute value? Absolutely! Part III

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Here again is our question from the previous post: What is the value of x? (1) |x| = 3 (2) |x-6| = 3

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GMAC’s New Tool: School Finder

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In the Information Age, having access to all that data can almost be worse than not having any at all. Information aggregators can be enormously valuable in terms of time and headaches saved. Tools that take loads of data and allow is to filter that...

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GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice Series: Inference Question Explanation

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You did really well on the GMAT Reading Comprehension Inference question. These can be tough! Here's the full explanation... The 1950s saw the emergence of the theory of andragogy, the process by which adults learn (as distinct from pedagogy, the theory of children's learning processes). Educator...

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Absolute value? Absolutely! Part II

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In our previous post, we introduced the concept of absolute value and the strategy for thinking about absolute value as indicating distance without direction.

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GMAT & The Real World: More Critical Reasoning Flaws

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A Study Questioning the GMAT Ironically Proves to be a Great Resource to Practice GMAT Critical Reasoning Flaw Questions... Maybe you heard about (or read) a recent story in the Washington Post entitled: Are business schools graduating the wrong leaders? If so, the GMAT may be...

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Absolute value? Absolutely! Part I

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Remember the first time you saw an absolute value like |x| on a GMAT question, probably many years removed from your most recent algebra class?

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GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice Series: Sample Inference Question

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As promised, today's entry may push your limits with a GMAT Reading Comprehension question that's rated as a high level of difficulty. With all the reading comp study and practice you've been doing lately, however, this might not feel so difficult. Once more, here's the passage...

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GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice Series: Sample Question Answer Explanations

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Thanks to everyone who submitted answers to our GMAT Reading Comprehension practice questions. We know you're eager to get the full explanations, so we'll get right to it. 1. The author distinguishes between andragogy and pedagogy (paragraph 1) for what purpose? A. To illustrate that the two...

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Linear Thinking and Data Sufficiency

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Very often, the quant section on the GMAT isn’t about math at all, but rather about common sense and the right approach. Take a look at the following OG problem (OG 12th edition, p. 284, Q130):

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GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice Series: Sample Questions

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You've analyzed a GMAT Reading Comprehension passage, and now you can use that analysis to efficiently work through GMAT questions and gain points more quickly and reliably. Again, here's the passage with topic, scope, purpose, and passage map: The 1950s saw the emergence of the theory...

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