GMAT Integrated Reasoning: Scatterplots

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One of the most common types of graphs is statistics and in the quantitative sciences is a scatterplot.  A scatterplot is a way of displaying bivariate data: that is, data in which we measure two different variables for each participant.  For example, suppose we ask several people both their...

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GMAT Plugging In Strategy: Always Start with Answer Choice C

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Learn this powerful math trick for GMAT Problem Solving questions.  First, try these two practice GMAT Quantitative section Problem Solving questions. 1) Bert left the house with N dollars.  He spent 1/4 of this at the hardware store, then $7 at the dry cleaners, and then half...

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GMAT Labor and Wages

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This is the second post in the series of articles on real-life facts you need to know for GMAT Critical Reasoning. Here's the full list (we'll update it with links as we go!): Economics: Supply and Demand Economics: Labor and Wages Economics: Inflation, unemployment, and interest rates Law: "beyond any...

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GMAT Supply and Demand

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For the GMAT Verbal section, on CR and RC, you are not expected to have specialized expertise in the topics they discuss.  Sometimes, though, it is particularly helpful to have general real world knowledge.  If you make a habit of reading regularly either a good...

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Function Notation on the GMAT

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Consider these two practice GMAT Quantitative problems: 1) Given f(x) = 3x – 5, for what value of x does 2*[f(x)] – 1 = f(3x – 6) 0 4 6 7 13 –2 5/3 1 2 8 If you find these questions completely incomprehensible, then you have found the right blog post.   Function notation The GMAT Quantitative section will...

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Pre-Exam Procedure for the GMAT

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As readers of the blog know, I recently took the GMAT.  This is a brief description of the testing location and the experience of going to take the test, for those who have never done so.   Pearson VUE If you take an official GMAT, the location you will...

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GMAT Reading Comprehension Technique: Read Carefully Once

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GMAT test takers have a variety of ideas and suggestions about how to tackle the challenge of GMAT Reading Comprehension.  Some like to skim, or to speed read, or to read the first paragraph carefully and skim the rest.  Perhaps there are individual test takers...

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Substantive Clauses on the GMAT

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Understand this very tricky grammatical structure for GMAT Sentence Correction.   Practice Question First, give these two SC questions a try. 1) Why the various Generals of the Army of the Potomac before Ulysses S. Grant were so singularly unsuccessful against Robert E Lee are debated about in no less...

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Due to Vs Because of

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In conversational English, we may hear or use sentences in which we present reason for something by using the expression “due to”. While in certain cases, this usage may be grammatically correct. But in certain other scenarios, it is incorrect. In this post, I...

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Official Guide (OG13) #209-230 Video Explanations

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GMAT Pill just put up video explanations for Official Guide questions 209-230 to the Practice Pill Platform. Through this link, you can: 1) Keep track of your OG performance online. Just enter in your answer and the system will record your responses. You can favorite them...

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