The Best GMAT Prep Program- Top Things That You Must Consider to Take the GMAT with Flying Colors

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If you are searching for the best GMAT prep program, which can help you to take the GMAT with flying colors, it is important to know that such preparation programs exist. But, besides getting the best prep programs, you should also be aware of what...

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Preparing for the GMAT Verbal Section- The Best Tips for Non- Native English Speakers

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Most preparation programs that focus on helping students to prepare for the GMAT verbal section are not always suitable for non-native speakers. The reason for this is that most of these programs do not provide in-depth information, which can help a non-native English speaker to get...

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Isosceles Triangles on the GMAT

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The GMAT quantitative section asks, among other things, about geometry. One of the GMAT's favorite figures is the isosceles triangle.  An isosceles triangle is one that has two congruent sides.  Knowing simply that about a triangle has profound implications for answer GMAT Problem Solving & Data Sufficiency...

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How to Actually Improve Your Score on the GMAT Quant Section

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Know the fundamentals To do well on the GMAT quant, you can’t guess your way through, relying on techniques such as process of elimination or approximation. At a certain point you have to know the properties of a right triangle or the difference between dependent and...

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Frequently Confused Words on the GMAT

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By Jen Rugani Certain words are very commonly confused for each other; this is by design. Here’s a core content piece you’d find in our course. The preposition among takes an object made up of more than two items, while the preposition between takes an object make up of exactly two items. We...

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Ranking the Rankings: The Best MBA Programs 2012

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This article is for those who peruse and take very seriously the graduate (MBA) program rankings released by various entities and individuals.  How do I rate the rankings? The same 20-25 schools are listed regularly so it seems we’re just shuffling the deck every year with...

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Locating the Best GMAT Ebook or Book for the GMAT Verbal Section

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Searching for the best gmat ebook or book, which can help you to prepare appropriately for the verbal section of this test, is not such an easy thing to do. The truth is that you can find numerous materials that guarantee the fact that only...

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GMAT SC: Wordy vs. Concise?

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Concision is a good thing on GMAT SC, but can you have too much of this good thing? As a general rule on GMAT Sentence Correction (and in life!), wordy is bad.  For example: 1) Buck Mulligan, who was a somewhat chubby person but who bore his weight with...

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The JD/MBA Student: A Professorial Perspective

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The Dual-Degree JD/MBA Law and business graduate faculty would probably agree that this joint program is probably the most challenging in the educational community. And, from an employer’s perspective, this duality is probably the most commercially relevant. This piece speaks to the prospective MBA candidate who is...

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Integer Properties: The Most Common GMAT Question Topic

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Fact: one of the most tested categories of concepts on the GMAT Quantitative section is Integer Properties   What are the “properties of integers”? Probably none of these are brand new to you —- in fact, you probably learned about all these in grade school.  Here’s a list. a) factors and...

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