Kaplan GMAT Sample Problem: Prime Factors

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Dealing with prime numbers and prime factors is an essential GMAT skill. Technically it is a skill we learned as early as elementary school/early school age, however just because it was learned in childhood does not mean that these questions are necessarily easy...

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Kaplan GMAT Sample Problem: Critical Reasoning, Explain Question

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On the GMAT when you are faced with Critical Reasoning “explain” questions, your task is to identify the two pieces of information that appear to contradict and look for the answer choice that explains why they do not. For practice, try the problem...

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4 Fun and Creative Post-MBA Jobs

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This post was written by Christina Yu. For more expert GMAT prep advice, check out the Knewton GMAT blog. We all know “fun” is a relative term - for some that might mean ruling the boardroom, raking in millions, or advising powerful executives on...

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Must Know Data Sufficiency Strategies

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Perhaps no GMAT item is as emblematic of the test as is a Data Sufficiency question.  It is  unique to the GMAT and true to the aims of this specific test: to reward those who show the higher-order reasoning skills that will...

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Kaplan: Paraphrasing on GMAT Data Sufficiency Questions

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Math on the GMAT can be hard enough when it is presented without trickery. However, the test-maker knows that even simple math can be made challenging by including complex verbal descriptions or by disguising one mathematical concept as another. Kaplan considers paraphrasing one of...

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7 Benefits of Online GMAT Prep

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This post was written by Christina Yu. For more expert GMAT prep advice, check out the Knewton GMAT blog. Figuring out how to structure your GMAT prep can be a tough decision. Some people are sure that they need private tutoring or in-person prep classes;...

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Kaplan GMAT Sample Problem: Average Speed

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Knowing how to use the distance = rate x time formula in various permutations will help you tremendously on the classic GMAT speed word problems. Just remember that when asked about average rate over an entire journey, you must think about total distance...

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Wharton Deadlines and Admissions Essays

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Wharton has released its MBA application deadlines and admissions essays for the coming year. Last year Wharton really stirred the pot by introducing radically different essays. Here are Wharton’s deadlines and essays for the Class of 2014, followed by our comments in italics: Wharton Application...

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What to Memorize for the GMAT: 5 More Must-Know Grammar Rules

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This post was written by Christina Yu. For more GMAT prep advice, check out the Knewton GMAT blog. In the first post of our “What to Memorize for the GMAT Verbal” series, we covered the business and logic vocabulary you should know for the test. In...

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About 100 years ago Frank B. Gilbreth was famous for pioneering a field he called “motion study.” He specialized in making factories more efficient. When Gilbreth first walked into a factory he was helping, what he did was to ask to meet...

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