A FIrst Step Towards Career success: Take the GMAT

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Boys and girls who are studious in schools and under graduate courses are quite keen and anxious about their next course in life. In this competitive world getting an undergraduate degree may help a person find a job. However, to go up further in hierarchy...

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Formal Logic and GMAT Critical Reasoning

By - May 7, 09:00 AM   Comments [3]

I'll begin with a typical GMAT Critical Reasoning question.  As a case study, consider this question from the OG13e, CR #115 (OG12e, CR #114): Guidebook writer: I have visited hotels throughout the country and have noticed that in those built before 1930 the quality of the original carpentry...

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A Thorough GMAT Study Road to GMAT Success

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Students these days are quite knowledgeable in respect for various courses of studies in different Universities all over the world. They are also fully aware of the value of the different degrees that are obtained for different subjects. They have also ambitions, not all of...

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Optimizing Stubborn Tendencies on the GMAT

By - May 2, 22:12 PM   Comments [1]

Nate Burke is a Content Developer at Knewton, specializing in GMAT prep. Are you stubborn? There are many situations in which stubbornness would help a human being. A stubborn nature can be extremely useful when trying to accomplish a complicated goal over an extended period of time....

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How to Actually Improve Your Score on the GMAT Quant Section

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Know the fundamentals To do well on the GMAT quant, you can’t guess your way through, relying on techniques such as process of elimination or approximation. At a certain point you have to know the properties of a right triangle or the difference between dependent and...

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Integrated Reasoning Question Type: Bar Charts

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Fact: One common way data will displayed on GMAT Integrated Reasoning questions is in bar charts. This post is a whirlwind overview of what you need to know about the varieties of bar charts in order to be successful with them on the new IR section.   Bars &...

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What Else Should You Know about Your GMAT Strategy and Study Plan?

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The truth is that you should adopt a specific gmat strategy only if you are sure of the fact that it can help you to achieve your final purpose. If this purpose is a high GMAT score, the strategy that you intend to choose must...

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That vs. Which in GMAT Sentence Correction

By - Apr 30, 09:00 AM   Comments [8]

Learn the important distinction between "that" vs. "which" on GMAT Sentence Correction.   That vs. which? Restrictive vs. Non-restrictive A restrictive modifier limits the conceivable scope of a general noun to a relevant subset.  For example, consider the difference in the following two sentences: 1) I avoid dogs that appear...

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What Does a Good GMAT Score Actually Mean?

By - Apr 28, 14:41 PM   Comments [0]

Many students do not know that the GMAT is one of the most important exams of their lives. The truth is that this exam actually has the power to dictate the future careers of most students who want to get a job within the business...

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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the GMAT

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The GMAT is a very useful test that many business schools require in order to assess the knowledge of their candidates. Based on the scores that examinees get for this test, the admission committees of various business schools determine whether the candidates should be admitted...

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