Top 10 business school GMAT scores

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The Economist recently published a list of the top ten business schools ranked by their average admitted students’ GMAT scores. Stanford Graduate School of Business appears at number one in the list, boasting a highest average GMAT score of 729 in 2013.

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mbaMission’s 2014-2015 Columbia Business School Essay Analysis

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For the second year in a row, Columbia Business School (CBS) has kicked off the MBA application season. During an online event with mbaMission, CBS’s director of admissions, Christina Shelby, told the audience that the school has added urgency in releasing its questions, because it...

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GMAT Sentence Correction Tricks

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Piece of cake! This problem is pretty straightforward, you think. While skimming through the answer choices, suddenly your optimistic mood darkens. You notice that the question and the first answer choice contain only one grammatical problem.

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Getting Into the MBA Program: mbaMission’s 2014-2015 Stanford Graduate School of Business Essay Analysis

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The Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) became the second top MBA program to release its essay questions this year, and the school follows a trend in application essays—“less is more.” Stanford has dropped its third essay question this season and stuck with two standbys,...

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Reading Comprehension and the GMAT

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The GMAT’s Reading Comprehension (RC) section, with its 350 word passages, can be a tricky puzzle for anyone. But by practicing active reading, you will be in a better position to master the RC section.

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GMAT timing strategy dos and don’ts

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My last post provided an overview of the importance of a good time

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Prepare Your Business School Elevator Pitch

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Imagine that you are standing in the lobby of a large building and have just pushed the button to go up to the 10th floor for an appointment you have in a few minutes. As you are waiting for the elevator to arrive, you strike up...

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The GMAT and timing strategy

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Once you begin to master the academic topics of the GMAT, you should work on developing your test-taking skills. Since the GMAT is a timed exam, you must develop a time management strategy. In this post, I will outline an effective GMAT timing approach.

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Tips for your GMAT test day

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We’ve put together some tips to guide you through test day.

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Top 3 Mistakes of GMAT Test Takers

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Kaplan GMAT instructors will tell you that we hear common refrains from our students and friends. In my years of teaching, I have compiled a list of three of the most common mistakes my Kaplan students and personal friends have made while they are prepping...

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