Stanford Essays and Deadlines for 2011-2012

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Note that, as it has done for the past several years, Stanford’s admissions committee provides some high-level advice right on its own website. While we think this advice is generally good, we do think that most applicants can benefit from a more in-depth...

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5 Tips for Business School Campus Visits

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While visiting prospective business schools isn’t necessary, seeing a school in person can definitely help you get a better feel for the program’s culture. At some schools (often smaller ones), expressing your interest via a campus visit might marginally increase your...

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Kaplan GMAT Sample Problem: Algebraic Translation

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As you may have noticed in prepping for the GMAT, in many cases the challenges you face in GMAT problems are less about the specific math skills, and more about translating word problems into mathematical equations in a fast and efficient way. ...

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Kaplan GMAT Sample Problem: Critical Reasoning Inferences

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As you try the practice GMAT problem below, remember that on Critical Reasoning inference questions you should accept all of the information in the stimulus as true. When you read the answer choices look for an option that must be true based on...

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What to Memorize for the GMAT: Business/Logic Vocabulary

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You’ve probably heard that the GMAT doesn’t require math or verbal skills beyond the high-school level and that it tests your analytical ability as opposed to your knowledge of a particular subject. All this, while true, may lead you to think you...

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Should You Get an MBA If You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

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Do you really need an MBA? It’s an age-old business question, and that every expert has weighed in on at least once. The debate over whether an MBA is worth the investment becomes even more heated when the question becomes more specific: do you need...

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Consider These Tips If You Are Retaking the GMAT

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It is not uncommon for MBA candidates to take the GMAT more than once.  It’s a difficult test and often students find that some of the “intangible” factors like pacing, test-day anxiety, etc. can detract from what felt like would be an...

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Ensuring GMAT Success: the Importance of an Effective Study Schedule

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When studying for the GMAT, one of the first steps you should take is to create a study schedule. Jumping from one topic to the next without structure can have a negative impact on your studying, so putting together a plan is essential...

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7 Ways to Handle Dense Science Passages on GMAT RC

By - Jun 15, 11:32 AM   Comments [1]

This post was written by Christina Yu. Tricky science passages on the GMAT may be the bane of your existence, but they don’t have to be. Here are 7 expert tips to help you conquer your science fears. 1. Recognize that you don’t need to know any...

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40 Signs You Should Stop Studying for the GMAT

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How do you know when you’ve studied enough for the GMAT? It’s a question we get frequently for our students. And it’s a good one: after so much prep work, how do you know – really know – that you’re ready? Here are 40 signs that...

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