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What is Edvento? Edvento is a socially adaptive learning tool that offers 1000+ questions, curated adaptive quizzes, and accurate score prediction to help GMAT test takers ace the exam. Edvento offers a very generous free trial. Here are a few features of Edvento’s offering: Large Question Repository   Edvento...

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Process – the key to success

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Process - The Key to Success Many of you are appearing for the GMAT right now. Here are some tips by successful eGMATers: Process leads to 80%+ accuracy Verbal Live Prep student, Pooja Jolie recommends that to succeed on GMAT Verbal everyone should build a process that provides...

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GMAT Verbal Workshop Purpose of this workshop? This workshop is designed to bridge the gap between your true potential and your performance on the real test.  The purpose is plain and simple – to help you put your best foot forward as you appear for the test. ...

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Help videos for Personalized assessment worksheet

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  To make the full use of Sentence Correction workshop, view the help videos.   Video 1 - Overview of the worksheet         Video 2 - Take 0: Marking the answer for the first time           Video 3 - Take 1: Meaning analysis         Video 4 - Take 2: Error analysis "How to"         Video 5...

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GMAT SENTENCE CORRECTION WORKSHOP     A number of you will be taking your GMAT in the next 30 days. The most effective way to push your score in the last 30 days is by understanding your areas of weakness and then working on improving them. The e-GMAT...

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Score 700 and Get Free B-school Application Help

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  To get into a top B-school school is your dream and we want to help you get there. So to help you excel not only on the GMAT but also on  your B-school application process, we introduce the e-GMAT scholarship. Every 20 days, one e-GMAT student who...

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Free Resources from Magoosh

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Hi, all! Here are some new resources and blog posts from Magoosh that we've been working on. Enjoy! The best of our recent GMAT blog posts: Multi-Source IR Practice question: Draw Loss Poker GMAT Critical Reading: Find the Conclusion or Inference What to Include in Your Admissions Resume...

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$93k MBA Scholarship to London Business School

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That's right - it's happening AGAIN. Last time, GMATPILL-er Kang Cao scored a half tuition MBA scholarship due to his high GMAT score. Now, he's at Darden MBA enjoying life at a top business school. And now, James - another GMATPILL-er who has actually joined GMAT Pill...

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Memorial day deal

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Celebrating Memorial day - throughout the world   On Memorial day weekend, e-GMAT celebrates success – in addition to 1000 kudos and over 100 reviews on GMAT Club, we now have 500 followers on GMAT Club. Read below for some special deals from e-GMAT and GMAT Club. All deals...

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Analyze 4 GMAT Score Case Studies in Today’s Webinar

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You’re running out of time to reserve your spot for this afternoon’s free webinar, That GMAT Score: Implications for Your MBA Application. Linda Abraham is going to analyze 4 different applicant case studies focusing on their GMAT scores and the question of retaking or not. So register...

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