Integrated Reasoning

Music Playlist Proven to Boost Your Scores!

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Washington University School of Law’s Online LLM program just got in touch with us to tell us about their new study aid, Spotify Playlist, a compilation of late baroque era classical music including works by Bach, Beethoven, Handel, and Vivaldi. The playlist was created based on...

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GMAT Integrated Reasoning: Correlation and Trend Lines in Scatterplots

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One reason we graph data in a scatterplot is because we are looking for patterns.  The simplest of all possible patterns to find on a scatterplot is a straight line pattern.   Correlation When the points on a scatterplot lie more or less in a straight-ish line, that is called correlation. ...

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B-Schools Give GMAT’s New IR Section Mixed Reviews

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According to a recent poll of 265 business school admissions officers, early opinion of the GMAT's newly introduced Integrated Reasoning (IR) section is decidedly mixed. As a new season of applicants prepares to submit the first set of applications with GMAT scores that include the...

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GMAT Integrated Reasoning: Scatterplots

By - Oct 31, 09:00 AM   Comments [1]

One of the most common types of graphs is statistics and in the quantitative sciences is a scatterplot.  A scatterplot is a way of displaying bivariate data: that is, data in which we measure two different variables for each participant.  For example, suppose we ask several people both their...

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Magoosh’s Mike McGarry Takes the GMAT

By - Sep 19, 15:17 PM   Comments [1]

On Wednesday, September 26, 2012, I will be taking the GMAT.  Don’t worry!  I am not planning to leave Magoosh to attend business school.  Rather, I am taking the test as a way of gathering information on both the test itself and on the test-taking...

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Worried About the GMAT’s New IR Section? Don’t, Says Stanford GSB

By - Aug 14, 13:48 PM   Comments [0]

In a recent update to its MBA admissions blog, Stanford Graduate School of Business attempts to ease the concerns of some applicants wondering how the school will view their scores in the GMAT's brand-new Integrated Reasoning section. "Rest assured that IR is is new to us,...

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The New IR GMAT Section – How does it affect admissions?

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A few months ago the new Integrated Reasoning section was incorporated into the GMAT in order to analyze candidates’ abilities to process information from multiple sources. This section of the test is graded on a separate scale of 1-8 and does not affect the grades...

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GMAC’s Official IR Practice Questions for the New GMAT

By - Aug 1, 11:03 AM   Comments [0]

On June 5, 2012, the GMAT launched a new question type, the Integrated Reasoning (IR) question.  The question format is highly dependent on technology, and unlike traditional Verbal and Quantitative questions, it would be too compromised in a print format.  Therefore, instead of putting some compromised...

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Get to Know the New GMAT

By - Jun 6, 22:00 PM   Comments [3]

The New GMAT is Here. Kaplan has the resources you need to succeed on the updated exam. The GMAT has changed this month — and Kaplan is here to make sure you're ready to take on the new test. The updated GMAT features a slightly tweaked exam...

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How the Integrated Reasoning Section Differs from GMAT Quantitative and Verbal Sections

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Think about what distinguishes an effective manager from a pencil-pusher.  The dutiful pencil-pusher can verify: A is a fact, B is a fact, and C is a fact.  The effective manager can say, well, if we know A & B & C, it would not...

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