GMAT Question of the Day (Sep 8): Arithmetic and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) What is the least such that is divisible by 1000? (A) 8 (B) 10 (C) 15 (D) 20 (E) 25 GMAT Daily Deals Really useful series about how the GMAT is scored, a good idea to run in installments. Read more! FREE B-School Cheat Sheets from Precision Essay for top...

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Why Not to Obsess Over Grammar Rules on SC

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This post was written by Sean Murphy. For more GMAT tips check out the Knewton GMAT blog. It is definitely important to learn the rules of grammar when studying Sentence Correction. But as a GMAT instructor, I’ve noticed that some ...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Sep 7): Arithmetic and Critical Reasoning

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Math (PS) What is the last digit of ? (A) 1 (B) 3 (C) 6 (D) 7 (E) 9 GMAT Daily Deals Incredible savings from Veritas Prep-save 10% on any course and receive a free $700 bonus offer. Learn more! Get Stacy Blackman Consulting’s 2011/2012 essay guides for HBS, Standford, Columbia & Kellogg....

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Top 20 Best GMAT Books – GMAT Club Ranking for August

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August 2011 popularity index of Best GMAT Books as determined by GMAT Club members. (We measured how often our members referred to each of the books in their posts from the past month and assembled the GMAT Book popularity index below). You can also visit...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Sep 6): Algebra and Critical Reasoning

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Math (PS) The safety distance (meters) between cars moving on a motorway depends on their speed (meters per second): If two cars want to maintain a time interval of 1 second between each other, which of the following speeds will breach the safety regulation? (A) 5...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Sep 5): Word Problem and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) All pages of the book are numbered. If the first page is numbered 1 and the last page is numbered 705, on how many pages does digit 9 appear in the numeration? (A) 70 (B) 77 (C) 126 (D) 133 (E) 140 GMAT Daily Deals GMAT or GRE: What’s Right for...

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Is a One-Year MBA Program Right for You?

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This post was written by Meghan Daniels. Check out the Knewton GMAT blog for more. The “traditional” MBA experience — two years, full-time, with a summer internship after the first year — isn’t right for every applicant. Many MBA...

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Get 10% off ALL Precision Essay Services

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Labor Day weekend is upon us. Yes, friends, summer is over. The days are getting shorter, the weather is about to get chillier….and it’s time to say goodbye to your loved ones and buckle down to get those MBA applications done and done. But don’t fret; it’s...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Sep 2): Arithmetic and Sentence Correction

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Math (DS) If and are positive integers, is an integer? 1. 2. GMAT Daily Deals UPenn Graduate Scores 740, Thanks GMATPill (Video). Learn more! MBA Special for GMAT Club Members-Gold pkg is only $1195. Mention code GMATCL611. Sign up! OA and Explanation Verbal (SC) Even as they never...

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Anderson Essay Analysis and Deadlines

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UCLA’s Anderson School of Management recently released its admissions essays and deadlines for the Class of 2012. At first glance, there aren’t a lot of changes this year, but what is most interesting with Anderson’s essays this year is something that is  not...

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