Class study vs Book study: Why take a GMAT classroom course?

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If you have decided to read this post, then you are already debating the merits of a GMAT classroom course. While I (and the world’s largest team of GMAT experts) helped build Kaplan’s new GMAT Experience, this post is NOT limited to why you...

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3-D Geometries, CR Questions, What not to do on the GMAT, Share your GMAT experience

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Math: 3-D Geometries – summary of important ideas and formulae 700 Level CR Questions – solve 10-20 per day What NOT to do on the GMAT – top five study mistakes 710 (47, 41) – what worked and what did not 710 (50, 37) – with redbull

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Sequences and Progressions, Grammar, GMAT Grammar Book by GMAT Club, RC, Share your GMAT Experience

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Math: Sequences and Progressions – a section from the GMAT Math Book Key Fundamentals of Grammar – crucial learnings for SC GMAT Grammar Book by GMAT Club – the only GMAT Grammar book you need is available for $9.99 RC – GMAT Club’s Strategy Guide 770 (Q50, V46) – share...

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Last Minute GMAT Prep

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So you have finally decided to apply to business school, but your deadline is fast approaching and you only have one or two weeks before you need to take your exam – what should you do? A student who studies for the GMAT for two weeks...

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The Three Pillars of GMAT Prep – #3 Intangibles

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This third and final Pillar of GMAT Prep is the most often overlooked of the three. Nearly all test takers expect to dust off their old math and grammar skills for the GMAT (Pillar #1: Content), and most test-takers enlist in some sort of...

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New Veritas Prep GMAT Course!

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A team of our top GMAT instructors has collaborated over the past several months to develop an entirely new way to train for the GMAT. The Essentials Course, as the name implies, covers what you absolutely MUST need to know in order to succeed on...

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MBA News Roundup: Wharton Grads, Social Entrepreneurship, and the Power of Networking

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This week’s MBA roundup from Knewton highlights the improved job outlook for b-school grads as well as the growing trend of working for a social cause.  Be sure to check out the admissions Q&A with University  of Texas for tips on how to stand out...

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Algebra 101, Guide to Sequences and Progressions, Manhattan GMAT Challenge Set 2, Verbal SC Notes, Share your GMAT Experience

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Algebra 101 – part of the GMAT Math Book Guide to Sequences and Progressions – thorough explanations of the topics Manhattan GMAT Challenge Set 2 – 20 of the best MGMAT quant questions available for free Verbal SC Notes – a good collection to help you prepare 710...

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The Three Pillars of GMAT Prep – #2 Strategy

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In our previous article, we covered some of the areas of content knowledge necessary to perform well on the GMAT. But content is only a small part of the suite of skills that leads to better GMAT scores; in other words, even if you...

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GMAT Case Study: Hidden Information in Word Problems

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Here’s another post in our Knewton GMAT Case Study series, where we dig into the key concepts behind GMAT practice questions. This week: word problems. After you practice long enough for the GMAT, you may find yourself answering certain common types of problems on autopilot. But...

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