Would You Get an MBA on Facebook?

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Last month The London School of Business and Finance (not to be confused with London Business School) made waves by announcing students can now earn an MBA on Facebook. The course is free, to an extent— students have to pay if they want to be...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Dec 13): Geometry and Critical Reasoning

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Math (PS) There is a certain triangle with sides 7, 10, and . If it is known that is an integer, how many different values are there of ? (A) 8 (B) 10 (C) 13 (D) 14 (E) 16 OA and Explanation Like these questions? Get the GMAT Club question...

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GMAT Trap Answers: Wordy and Awkward, but Still Correct

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Some of our best students have their grammar rules down pat. They can talk for hours about adjective clauses, dangling modifiers, gerunds, and the subjunctive, but they’re so busy checking to make sure that all the sentence parts fit into place that they forget to...

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Knewton MBA Roundup: Cheaters Beware, Kellogg’s Growth, and INSEAD’s Future

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As you narrow your business school search, it’s important to do your research in a well-rounded manner. B-school stats are important, but you should also check out more qualitative sources like alumni forums and admissions Q&A’s to get a sense of what your target schools...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Dec 10): Word Problem and Sentence Correction

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Math (PS) A corporation with 5,000,000 shares of publicly listed stock reported total earnings of $7.20 per share for the first 9 months of operation. During the final quarter the number of publicly listed shares was increased to 10,000,000 shares, and fourth quarter earnings were reported...

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AWA Pacing and Length

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While the two essays on the GMAT require you to do completely different things, the approach and foundation of each essay is exactly the same. In this blog article, I want to address two questions my students often ask: “How long should I...

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Flipping the Sign to Inequalities

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Inequalities on the GMAT should be approached in the same way as regular equations. We can manipulate inequalities the same way that you can manipulate equations. As with equations on the GMAT, you first must simplify the equation in order to answer the...

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GMAT Prep Q&A: Correct Verb Tense on SC

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In preparation for the Sentence Correction portion of the GMAT, let’s go over a great question asked by one our students, Mike, about an especially deceptive GMATPrep® SC problem. Mike’s question is about the proper use of the past perfect tense, which you’ll recall is...

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Top 20 Best GMAT Books – GMAT Club Ranking for November

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November 2010 popularity index of Best GMAT Books as determined by GMAT Club members. (We measured how often our members referred to each of the books in their posts from the past month and assembled the GMAT Book popularity index below). You can also visit...

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Changes Coming to INSEAD

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In an interview published by Bloomberg Businessweek  on November 22, incoming INSEAD Dean Dipak Jain described his motivations for taking the leadership help at the top-ranked school, and shared some of his plans for INSEAD’s expansion over the next few years. Attracted to Jain for his...

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