Mapping out Your MBA Prep — Post-grad + 1

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”Wish I had done that a few years ago ....” We hear that frequently from MBA applicants as they’re filling out their MBA applications. We don’t want you to have to say that. This is the second of a five-part blog series with advice on how you...

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5 Ways To Meet Deadlines In Business School

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By Elana Goodwin  on February 10, 2016 This article is brought to you by Uloop and Kaplan.  Search Uloop for student housing, college roommates, sublets, part-time jobs, internships, tutors, and campus news.  Being able to meet deadlines is a crucial skill you need to have mastered by the time...

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Our MBA fair is coming up: reserve your spot now

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Join thousands of your fellow MBA applicants in getting vital insider tips from business school admissions teams and the makers of the GMAT, all accessible for free at our virtual MBA fair.

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GMAT Question of the Day (February 10)

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Math Comet A is seen near the Earth every 12 years while Comet B every 20 years. If both comets were observed in 1979, for how many years do we have to wait to see the two comets together again? (Assume now is 2004) A. 16 B. 20 C....

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Land Your Score: Reading Comprehension Passages, Part 1

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How do you approach a difficult passage with seemingly impenetrable paragraphs? Welcome to “Land Your Score,” a blog series in which Kaplan instructor Jennifer Land shares key insights and strategies for improving your GMAT performance on Test Day. This week, Jennifer discusses how to approach Reading...

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How is your GMAT score calculated?: Part III

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In the last two articles, we outlined how the GMAT is scored and discussed what an adaptive exam is.

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GMAT Question of the Day (February 9)

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Math If and are positive integer and is divisible by 4, which of the following must be true? A. If is even then is odd. B. If is odd then...

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How is your GMAT score calculated?: Part II

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This blog post is the second installment in our three-part series about how your GMAT score is calculated. You can read the first part of the series here.

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Monday Mail-Bag: Advice on Big Picture Issues That Impact GMAT Test Takers…

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by Rich Cohen; This series of emails and PMs focuses on situations that many Test Takers face during their studies. The names of the original posters have been changed to protect their identities. Avoiding Unrealistic Training Materials Dear Rich, I took a mock test today and in...

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GMAT Question of the Day (February 8)

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Math If the diameter of each of the car's wheels is 20 inches, what was the approximate average speed of the car in km/h if after the two-hour journey each wheel made 75,000 revolutions? (1 inch = 0.0254 meter) A. 32 B. 41 C. 59 D. 74 E. 88   Question Discussion &...

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