I Applied To Chicago Booth… And Got Accepted! Here’s How

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Meet Lawrence. He’s currently attending The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. When Lawrence decided to apply to Booth he was 32 years old, with a GPA of 3.2 (B.A.) and 3.5 (M.A.) and a 760 GMAT. Now that he’s all settled into B-School and being...

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I Applied To MIT Sloan… And Got Accepted! Here’s How

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Meet Chuck. He’s currently attending MIT’s Sloan School of Management. When Chuck decided to apply to Sloan he was 27 years old with a GPA of 4.8 (5.0 scale) and a 730 GMAT. Now that he’s all settled into B-School and gearing up to take over the world, we...

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Getting To Know One-Year MBA Programs In The US

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The attractions of attending a rapid, pared-down and intensified one-year MBA program: It takes less time. It costs less. It requires less time out of the work force. Completing B-School in one year offers not only the best ROI you can get, but also the quickest. Folks who go through one-year programs...

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Retaking the GMAT (Again): Is 3 Times Too Many?

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At Admissionado, our team hears this question time and time again regarding the GMAT: “I have taken my GMAT twice and I’m still not happy with my score. Should I accept this last score and move on, or should I try to re-take it again? Does it...

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5 Famous People Who Should Teach An MBA Class

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The MBA world has been buzzing for the past few weeks about a new adjunct professor at Stanford GSB. None other than the inventor of “smizing”, Ms. Tyra Banks. We at Admissionado haven’t seen her show up in any “What Matters Most Essays” in the past...

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7 Tips for Preparing the Dreaded Live Video MBA Essay

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Live video essays seem to be the next big thing. They started off a few years ago as optional for some applications, but as of last year Kellogg, Yale, Rotman, BU, Fisher, Sauder, and others all have video essays. In most cases, applicants have ONE...

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7 MBA Resume Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

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What’s the most important component of your MBA application? Some argue it’s the essays; they’re your opportunity to show MBA admissions committees at the business schools you’re applying to who you are. Others say it’s your GMAT score, it being the most universal gauge of...

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The Real Role of the MBA Essay

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If everything on your business school application is perfect, that is to say, your off the chart GMAT/GRE scores, untouchable work experience, out of this world grades, exotic extracurriculars, etc., then it’s important that you realize one thing. YOUR ESSAYS ARE EVEN MORE CRITICAL All of the...

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How To Beat Writer’s Block

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“I finally decided on the list of schools I’ll be applying to in Round 2 this year and now it’s time to start my essays. I just… don’t really know where to start. Or how to start.” We hear this from applicants ALL THE TIME — it’s...

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5 Things To Do Before You Start Your MBA Applications

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Your MBA applications are due in a few months and it’s time to get to work. But… where do you begin? What do you do? How do you… uh… get started? Let us help. There’s a lot of work to do before you sit down at your...

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