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Round 1 Interview Webinar

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions     Successful MBA applicants take the interview seriously and they do whatever it takes to ensure that they are well-prepared. Performing well in your interview will help you get admitted to your school of choice and this is where EXPARTUS comes in.  We are hosting a...

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Ask the Adcom: Inspire Us with Your Favorite Quote

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Hey everybody! We’re back with another installment of “Ask the AdCom,” where we share a wide range of tips and advice from admissions team members from a dozen top business schools. Since AdCom members are human, too, we know our readers will enjoy seeing  a different side of what makes...

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What MBA Applicants Can Learn From the Presidential Debates

By - Oct 12, 20:26 PM   Comments [0]

Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent (or completely uninterested) we're guessing that you may be one of the many watching the presidential debates. We can't tell you how to vote but we can point you to some of the communication strategies that the candidates...

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Harvard’s Bio-Tech Life Lab Set to Open

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A rendering of the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab by Shepley Bulfinch The Harvard Life Lab, poised to open in November, is the newest addition to the growing portfolio of innovation facilities at Harvard Business School. Made possible by a gift from HBS alumni Judy and Steve Pagliuca, the...

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Highlight Teamwork in MBA Applications

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This fall and winter, career services departments in business schools worldwide can anticipate an increased presence of corporate recruiters on campus, predicts the Graduate Management Admission Council. MBA programs will want to make those recruiters happy by providing a highly competent pool of candidates for...

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First Impressions: Insights from First Year MBA Students After The First Two Weeks

By - Oct 10, 14:50 PM   Comments [0]

As an MBA applicant, you have probably visited your target schools, spoken with alumni and maybe even spoken with current students to assess the culture and fit of the school with your goals. As we tell all of our clients, the more you know about...

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How Important is a Campus Visit in MBA Admissions?

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You might have experienced a moment of panic as you began to work on your MBA applications for Round 2. It may have occurred after you took note of the January deadlines. And it could have gone something like this: “Wait a second—I won’t have...

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4 Ways to Display Teamwork in Application Essays

By - Oct 9, 10:48 AM   Comments [0]

Teamwork, and its close cousin, leadership, are highly prized by graduate programs and universities. Haven’t worked in teams on any regular basis? Don’t worry! There are more ways than you may realize to prove your chops in this area. Consider the following 4 options: 1. Remember: No...

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10 Common MBA Application Mistakes of Finance Professionals-Part 1

By - Oct 7, 06:43 AM   Comments [0]

Surprised to hear that MBA applicants from finance make up the largest percentage of the incoming classes at many of the top business schools? I didn’t think so. Several firms require the MBA for top-level positions, and finance industries feed heavily into the most competitive...

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Stanford Launches Fellowship for Those Working in Midwest After Graduation

By - Oct 7, 05:00 AM   Comments [0]

EXPARTUS MBA Admissions There are plenty of reasons you might move to the Midwest. Maybe you’re drawn by the lower cost of living. Maybe you just like Chicago. Or maybe you want Stanford to pay for your MBA. Stanford Graduate School of Business has announced its...

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