MBAs Rate Their Ideal Jobs

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In a survey conducted by Universum, 5,748 business students from 79 top U.S. business schools chose from a list of over 175 companies the five companies they would most like to work for, Poets & Quants reports. While both and Bain & Co. moved up...

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Undergrad Grades in MBA Admissions

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3 Steps for Handling a Low Undergraduate GPA Grades show whether you previously performed well in an academic setting. If your college GPA is low, then you need to provide evidence that even though you may have faltered back then, now you've got you’re A-game and...

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Upcoming GMAT Webinar: What Does that Score MEAN?

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What role does the GMAT play in MBA admissions? Should you take a GMAT prep course? How many times should you retake the test? What does that GMAT score MEAN? These questions, plus many more, will be answered in Accepted's upcoming free webinar, That GMAT Score:...

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Enrich your Application with Photocopies

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Photocopies are duplicates of materials written about you / to you by a third party. For example: distinction letter, performance evaluation document, news article, magazine interview, thank you letter. While admission committees do not request this, you may translate and/or photocopy 1-3 effective documents and send them...

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SBC Scoop: Looking Beyond the Top 5 MBA Programs

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*Please note that no client details are ever shared in SBC Scoop or otherwise without complete sign off from client. A few years ago, our client Priya was starting to wonder if she should apply to business school at all. Her stated goal was to attend...

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Columbia Business School Essay Tips

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Columbia Business School has posted the essay questions for the class of 2015 application. Columbia has significantly reduced the number of questions asked this year, but continues to seek customized information on your interest in the school. Before you get started with this set of...

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MBA Fair Advice & Tips

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Thank you to Fabien Dufil, International Project Manager of Access MBA, for answering our questions about making the most of an MBA event. Next month, Access MBA will be visiting New York with business schools from around the world. Check out Access MBA online to...

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MBA Admissions: MIT Sloan and Financial Services

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This post about MIT’s Sloan School of Management, focusing on financial services, is part of a series of interviews about top MBA programs called “MBA Career Goals and the B-Schools that Support Them.” Please subscribe to our blog to ensure that you receive all the...

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Admissions Straight Talk: Interview with Peter von Loesecke

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Welcome to the fourth episode of Accepted Admissions Straight Talk, a biweekly podcast about what’s new, thought-provoking, and useful in the world of graduate admissions! For advice, insight, and info, check out the full audio of our great conversation with Peter von Loesecke: 00:25:00 – Meet Peter:...

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Stanford GSB 2013 MBA Application Questions & Tips

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Stanford has shortened its app, removing one required question, but the overall structure is the same as it was last year. Stanford's instructions and question are in black below; my comments and tips are in blue. Unlike most schools, Stanford gives a lot of advice and...

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