Recommendation Letters Tips

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Most business schools require two or three letters of recommendation as part of the admissions process. In most cases, the schools request that the recommender send the recommendation online, through the school's application system. The recommendations are among the most significant components of your application....

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An Admissions Lesson from JFK

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In John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address on Friday, January 20, 1961, he said something which quickly made its way into all high school history and civics textbooks. As one of the most well-known presidential sound-bites, I'm sure you've heard it: "And so, my fellow Americans: ask...

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New MBA Loan Assistance Program at NYU Stern

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Full-time, part-time, and Executive MBA grads from NYU Stern who are pursuing career paths in social enterprise will be able to benefit from its new Loan Assistance Program, NYU Stern announced. NYU Stern is providing most of the funding, with the support of its Social...

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A Peek Into What Your Potential Employer Is Thinking

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Millenial Branding has conducted a new study of employers and their hiring of recent college graduates. Apparently, 30% of companies are recruiting liberal arts majors, while 34% are looking for computer information systems and engineering majors. Surprisingly, “Only 18% are recruiting finance and accounting majors...

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New Global Track for Wharton MBA Students

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The Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies is launching a new Global Program at Wharton, “focused on preparing future global leaders to solve complex business problems in an inter-connected world.” The first class will begin in May 2013 and will work toward an...

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Latest Info on MBA Hiring

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The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has revealed new data that business school grads are finding more success in the job market. While 54% of graduating MBAs and other management education grads had job offers last year, 62% received offers this year. Things are looking...

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Interview Tip: Prepare Questions

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Usually when applicants prepare for their admissions interviews, they spend their time trying to figure out what questions will be asked and how they can best answer them. This is important and a good idea. But it's not the only step to prepping for an...

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Harvard Business School Essay Analysis, 2012-2013

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mbaMission has published an analysis of the new HBS essay requirements. An excerpt: "Harvard Business School (HBS) kicks off the MBA application season again, and this time it is doing so with a significant overhaul of its entire application. HBS has shrunk its written requirements from...

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How to Create an Impressive MBA Resume

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7 Fatal Flaws that Will Doom Your MBA Resume Your MBA resume is an often overlooked component of the b-school application – that is, overlooked from the perspective of the applicant, not the adcom. The adcom readers actually read it, and read it carefully, to whet...

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Harvard Business School 2013 Essay Questions and Tips

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The 2013 Harvard MBA application questions are now online. And they are entirely new. A few of the more significant changes: Just two required 400-word essay An early round 1 deadline (September 24) and decision notification date (Dec. 12) An entirely new component: A required "written reflection" on...

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