Kellogg Adds Video Essay Component

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The upcoming MBA admissions season is full of change, as several schools sharply reduce the number of essay questions or word count, require fewer letters of recommendation, and get creative with their application requirements. Though an official announcement is still forthcoming, the MBA website Poets &...

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LBS Previews 2013-2014 MBA Essays

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London Business School has launched an MBA admissions blog, and the first post by Oliver Ashby, head of MBA recruitment and admissions, gives a sneak peak of the essay questions that will form a part of the upcoming application. Changes to this latest set of essays...

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Ross Michigan EMBA 2014 Essay Tips and Deadlines

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This set of essay questions covers broad ground, eliciting information that will allow the adcom to get to know you professionally and personally and hence to determine your fit with the Michigan Ross EMBA program. The straightforward, down-to-earth nature of the questions reflects the program’s...

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5 Top Business School Admissions Myths

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Today’s post comes from Manhattan Review Italy, a well-known provider of test prep and MBA Admissions Consulting in Florence, Milan, Naples, and Rome for Top Business Schools. Are you applying to business school? If so, you probably already know there’s scads of information about the admissions...

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Understanding Stanford GSB’s Core Value of Intellectual Vitality

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You’re smart. But this isn’t about smart. Most of the people Stanford GSB rejects are smart (often very smart). A person of average IQ may have enormous intellectual vitality, while a person with a stratospheric IQ may have scant intellectual vitality. Pretty much everyone uses...

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MBA Applicant Blogger Interview with Priyank

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We’d like to introduce you to Priyank, an MBA applicant, risk management consultant in NYC, and author of the blog Writing in Transit. Thank you Priyank for sharing your admissions experience with us, and best of luck to you! Accepted: First, we'd like to get to...

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Chicago Booth 2014 EMBA Application Essay Questions

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The Chicago Booth EMBA questions are challenging because they separate your need for the MBA and your interest in the program – the first question asks, among other things, “Why are you seeking an MBA from Chicago Booth” and the second question asks “what you...

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Applying to Stanford GSB: A How-To Guide

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If you’re seeking professional advice on how to gain a competitive edge to top b-schools in general, and Stanford GSB in particular then you’ll want to attend Accepted’s new webinar, Steer Your Way to a Stanford MBA. During the webinar, Accepted’s CEO and founder, Linda...

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Snag Your Harvard Business School Class of 2016 Seat

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If you’re aiming to attend Harvard Business School or another top 10 MBA program in 2014, then you’ll want to view our most recent webinar, The Accepted Guide to Getting Into Harvard Business School. In her presentation, Linda Abraham, CEO & Founder of, offers loads...

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7 Tips for MBA Applicants from Family Businesses

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You work for the family business and are applying for an MBA. Will this background be a net plus for you, or a minus? How can you make the most of this experience? I have worked with several clients who worked in a family business, including...

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