Get MBA Application Advice From the Trenches

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As one group of nervous MBA candidates becomes enrolled business school students, another group gets ready to apply. Why not learn from the successes, failures, and decisions of those who came before you? Here, you’ll find advice culled from past clients who reflected on their own...

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What to Consider When Choosing an MBA Program

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A healthy dose of self-reflection, and knowing the answer when asked why you want to get an MBA, are two key components to deciding which business school programs make the most sense for you. I recently spoke with the Financial Times‘s Charlotte Clarke to offer...

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Tips for Tackling Team Interviews

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With the emerging trend of group interviews at schools like Wharton, applicants need to understand that team interviews require a different set of skills than individual interviews. I liken individual interviews to blind dating. With individual interviews and blind dating, both parties are trying to...

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Kisses of Death for Your Grad School Application

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Guest post by Dr. Drew Appleby, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis and Dr. Karen Appleby, Idaho State University. Dr. Appleby and Dr. Appleby surveyed psychology graduate admissions committee chairs and discovered 5 types of errors that applicants make and that decrease their chances of acceptance to...

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Admissions Straight Talk: Interview with Mark Babbitt

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For this week’s episode of Accepted Admissions Straight Talk, Accepted’s biweekly podcast, we interviewed Mark Babbitt, CEO and Founder of YouTern. Check out the full recording to hear our fascinating conversation about student internships. 01:09:00 – Introducing Mark to Admissions Straight Talk. 02:24:00 – YouTern’s background. How...

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2013 Kellogg Executive MBA Admissions Tips

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The Kellogg Executive MBA questions are among the most comprehensive, thorough, and numerous of any EMBA application. It takes significant effort to put together a strong set of Kellogg EMBA essays, and that fact weeds out potential students who are not seriously interested in this...

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London Business School – Masters in Management Program Essay Tips

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The set of essays for the LBS Masters in Management program is comprehensive – it’s work, requiring serious effort and thought to answer really well. Yet that comprehensiveness is also a ready opportunity for you to effectively portray your distinctive candidacy. It’s important to view...

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Rejected MBA’s: Now What?

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You just received your final rejection letter. You have four options. You can: a) Mope and sulk. b) Decide you don’t need or want an MBA. c) Reapply next year. d) All of the above. Listen, we’re not going to deprive you of your right to be bitter about rejection....

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Job Market Looking Good for Class of 2012 Business Grads

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According to a recent GMAC press release, the job market is strong for 2012 business and management graduates. The report states that 92% of grads surveyed were employed within three months of graduating; in 2011, that percentage was 86%. GMAC surveyed 834 members of the...

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Tepper MBA Student Blogger Interview: Julianne’s Journey

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Next up in our series of featured MBA bloggers is Julianne, a second-year MBA student at CMU Tepper who blogs about her experience at Sleeping between Spreadsheets. Please enjoy reading about Julianne’s experiences here and on her blog! Accepted: First, can you tell us a little...

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