MBA Life on Youtube: Rethinking the MBA at HBS

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If you're considering business school, it's likely you're no stranger to the ongoing debate about the value of an MBA. In this video, Harvard Business School professor David Garvin discusses the way in which business schools are shifting in response to ongoing critiques -- specifically,...

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April Fools Prophecies

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It's April Fools Day so I feel like being a pundit, which is not that far removed from being a fool. The main difference between pundits and fools: Pundits are right, and fools are wrong. However events will determine which category...

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2012 Applicants: Time to Poke the Box

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I just finished Seth Godin's Poke the Box, an ode to initiative, innovation, and overcoming fear of risk and failure. In this short book, which Godin alternately and accurately refers to as a "manifesto" and a "rant," he motivates the reader to just do...

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MBA Life on Youtube: A Day in the Life of a B-School Student

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Wondering what the daily routine of a typical b-school student looks like? NYU Stern has put together a series of “day in the life” Youtube videos, featuring four MBA students involved in diverse areas. While these videos are specific to Stern, they should also give...

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5 Tips for an Excellent MBA Admissions Interview

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Guest post by Igor Khayet, President and Founder of My Resume Shop. You've already submitted your b-school apps. Finally, you get the call or the email. Nope, you're not in -- yet. Button your blazer; it's interview time. Just like rounding the bend on a racetrack,...

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2011 HEC Paris MBA Admissions Director Interview Posted

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Thank you to Marie-Laurence Lemaire, HEC MBA Program's Senior Business Development Manager for joining us last week for an excellent Q&A on HEC's admissions practices, international perspective, scholarships, student life, and curriculum. You can read the whole HEC Paris MBA Q&A transcript, listen to the...

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4 To-Do’s for Accepted Grad School Applicants

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Should you kick back on a beach? Or go for a latte with a colleague? Find out why both may be in order in this video from Eye on Admissions where Linda Abraham outlines four action items that should be on the to-do lists...

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2011 UNC Kenan-Flagler Admissions Director Interview Posted

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We hope you enjoyed our recent Q&A with Sherry Wallace of UNC Kenan-Flagler. During the session we discussed a number of important topics related to UNC admissions, student life, scholarships, and more. If you missed this informative event, or if you'd like to review, you...

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Access MBA One-to-One MBA Tour 2011

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Developing Sustainable Business with an MBA Degree MBA education is just a meeting away at the Access MBA One-to-One Event in Zurich, Thursday March 24, 2011 Despite signals of improvement, the fragile financial situation in parts of Europe proves that the global economy is still turbulent. The...

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MBA Admissions Interviews: Behavioral AND Qualitative Questions

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Even though behavioral questions have been used for the last several years, since "WhartonLeaks" broke in November and Wharton promptly moved away from exclusive use of the leaked questions, applicants have wondered if they should prepare for behavioral questions or the more general, qualitative questions...

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