MBA Admissions News: MIT Sloan, Tuck, Ross, Booth, Admissions Trends, Chicago Connect

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Here's what's going on: MIT Sloan Q&A. MIT Sloan launches this years series of chats for Accepted. We will host Jennifer Burke Barba, MIT Sloan's Assistant Director of MBA Admissions, and other members of the MIT team on Wednesday August 12 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET/...

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Duke Fuqua 2010 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips

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Duke Fuqua 2010 MBA Essay Questions My comments are in red. Three essay questions must be completed before submitting your application. Prepare your essays carefully. The Admissions Committee considers your responses to the following questions important in the selection process. Please respond fully and concisely using 1.5...

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Duke Fuqua 2010 MBA Essay Questions

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Duke has streamlined its application process and is asking three questions this year as opposed to last year's four. I'll post comments in the next few days. Duke Fuqua Essays for Fall 2010 Entry Three essay questions must be completed before submitting your application. Prepare your essays...

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MBA Admissions Round-Up: Webinar, Chats, GMAT, News

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Let's see what's happening at Accepted and in the MBA world at large: Take 2 -- Accepted is hosting its first-ever MBA reapplicant webinar on Thursday Aug 6 at 1:00 PM ET. The webinar is free. Just register to obtain access information. MIT Sloan MBA Admissions Chat....

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The MBA Tour Q&A

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The MBA Tour will reach the four corners of the globe in September, having four separate tours in Asia, India, Europe, and the United States, followed by tours to Latin America (October) and Canada (November). The tour events provide you with great opportunities to meet...

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Admissions Uber-value: Leadership

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I just finished reading The Chosen: The Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton by Jerome Karabel. This book's 557 pages plus 100+pages of footnotes tells the story of admissions at these elite institutions since the beginning of the 20th century,...

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Happening @

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On Friday I promised a whole new,and it's up! Please check it out. We know there a few items to clean up, but please let us know what you like and dislike. You can let us know in comments below or just by contacting...

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Chicago Booth 2010 MBA Essay Questions

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Chicago has published its 2010 MBA deadlines and essay questions. Chicago has changed questions 1 & 2 and added a short reapplicant question. My tips will follow, but in the meantime, here are Chicago Booth's 2010 essay questions and deadlines. Chcago Booth Deadlines Round Submission Deadline Mid-Decision Notification Decision Notification Round...

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NYU Stern 2010 Application Deadlines & Essay Questions

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NYU Stern 2010 Application Deadlines Application Due: November15, 2008 January15, 2009 March 15, 2009 Initial Notification* By: February 15, 2009 April 1, 2009 June 1, 2009 NYU Stern 2010Essay Questions Stern has posted its questions and provides extensive directions and tips to help you respond to them. I am just going to post the...

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Earlier Round 1 MBA Application Deadlines/Notification Dates

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Several top MBA programs have released their 2009-2010 application deadlines and essay questions, and I am noticing an interesting trend for those programs that have three rounds. Harvard, Wharton, and Stanford have all moved their Round 1 deadline to the first week in October and...

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