Understanding B-School Rankings

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For anyone perplexed about why so much variability exists between the different well-known MBA rankings, Matt Symonds's recent article in Forbes does a great job of demystifying the subject. In plain terms, he explains the focus of the methodology used by each of the five major...

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Emory Goizueta 2014 MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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To ace your Goizueta essays, you’ll need to show—not just tell—that you have the skills, passion, and motivation to excel in a rigorous academic environment, and then in the business world at large. Illustrate who you are, what you want, and where you are going....

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Global Business Leadership at Wharton’s Lauder Institute

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International business is booming, and there is no better place to prepare for a future in global business leadership than at the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania. Listen to the full recording of our podcast interview for answers and insights into the Lauder Institute. 00:01:20...

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Recommenders and Recommendations

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Some applicants have this idea that if they can just get their company CEO, whom they have never met, to write their business school recommendation, then the admissions committee will cower in awe and immediately accept them. It’s not a new idea; applicants have asked...

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HBS Students Offer Interview Tips

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When Harvard Business School sent out Round 1 interview invitations last week, the Harbus's general manager La Keisha Landrum posted an article that afternoon letting those lucky recipients in on some of the secrets of a successful admissions interview. Here are the key takeaways from...

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Wharton Applicants: It’s Time to Get Accepted!

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We invite all Wharton MBA applicants to attend our upcoming webinar, What's Right with Wharton (and How to Get In), in which CEO and b-school admissions expert, Linda Abraham, will teach you how to create a standout application for this world-class, highly competitive business...

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IE 2014 MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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With a vast array of electives under numerous business disciplines and a succinct core, the IE MBA program requires students to exercise self-knowledge and excellent judgment to get the most out of it. The adcom’s approach to the essays will push to the surface those...

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Tuesday Q&A: Can My Career Goal Change as a Reapplicant?

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Question: Can my career goal change as a reapplicant? My long-term goal has changed since the last time I applied. Is this okay? Answer: So, first thing to be aware of here: the reapplication process is different in a number of ways. Some schools will have you do...

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Michelle: Lessons Learned from the MBA Application Process

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Allegedly, I’m supposed to get some satisfaction out of this whole b-school app process. People love to talk about how you’ll go through these intense periods of life-altering introspection as you craft your essays. Well, in less than a week,...

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Axolotl: My Application Is In!!

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R1 app is in! It was down to the wire managing my references and proofreading application but hours / days of work and $300 in fees later, it’s done. Quick aside: b-school app fees are no joke! Just based on...

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