Washington Olin MBA Student Interview

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Here’s a talk with Ashley Elleby, a student at Washington University's Olin Business School and a member of The Consortium who is pursuing her dream of opening a clothing store for tall women – featuring her own clothing line! Thank you Ashley for sharing your...

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Overrepresented Groups in MBA Admissions

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You're an Indian male with an IT background, or a consultant from New Jersey who majored in Econ, or a Chinese bank manager who also dabbled in engineering. In short, you are an applicant who comes from an overrepresented background – what can you do to...

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As Chinese Grad School Applicants Flock to the US, What’s the Impact for You?

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Earlier this month the Council of Graduate Schools reported that 2012 is seeing a continued torrent of Chinese applicants to US graduate programs: up 18% for fall 2012, following increases of 21% in 2011 and 20% in 2010. The most popular recipients of the applications...

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Kaplan announced last week the results of a survey showing that only 16% of business school applicants even considered taking the GRE despite the fact that most business school say they will accept either the GRE or the GMAT. Kaplan assumes that the real issue...

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Rochester Simon MBA Student Interview

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Here’s a talk with Pedro Guirola, a student at Rochester's Simon Graduate School of Business and a member of The Consortium. Thank you Pedro for sharing your thoughts with us! This interview is the latest in an blog series featuring interviews with current MBA students,...

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What’s to Like in MBA Myths Unlocked?

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As I wrote yesterday, once I got beyond the first chapter, I found MBA Myths Unlocked by Dr. Ronald Yeaple more widely applicable than I found the first chapter, which was getting all the attention. His succinct exploration of different MBA options and his perspective...

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MBA Admissions A-Z: N is for No Lies!

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You're a grownup – you don't need to be told that lying is wrong…or do you? This kindergarten precept often needs reviewing when MBA applications roll around. Even the most honest of applicants sometimes fall prey to the sinister temptation of the Little White Lie...

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Is a campus visit worthwhile?

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In our estimation, about 20% of applicants to leading MBA programs visit the campus a few years or a few months prior to completing their admission process. There are several advantages to a campus visit: It allows you to form an impression intimately and directly with...

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What About That $112,467?

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Last week there was a flurry of tweets and articles in response to a short, new ebook, MBA Myths Unlocked by Dr. Ronald Yeaple. Dr. Yeaple explores and compares fifteen “myths” or truisms in graduate management education. He takes an ROI approach, and as sometimes...

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Applying to MBA Programs? First Things First…

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You decided: you’ll apply to MBA programs this year! Yes! The first thing you want to do is go visit those programs, each one’s website more enticing than the next. You’ll deal with other stuff, GMAT included, while you check out the schools. A common approach,...

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