Connect with on LinkedIn

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Want to get in touch with us? There’s always the good ol’ telephone and email, but perhaps you prefer other means. Something more Web 2.0. We provide them. editors and consultants will now answer your admissions and application questions on LinkedIn! Ask us about anything...

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MBA Hiring on the Rise on Wall Street

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Banks and brokerages on Wall Street have increased their MBA hiring, reports a article from last week. Maryellen Reilly Lamb, senior associate director of MBA career management of Wharton, explains, "Two years ago, I couldn't get a bank to take our calls, last year they...

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Applicants with Less Professional Experience, NYU Stern Interview, Essays, Accounting and Taxation

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Applicants with Less Professional Experience - do you fall under this category? NYU Stern Interview - helpful tips Essay Submission Format - what to look for before you submit Master of Accounting Taxation - UVA vs Notre Dame Programs

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Clear Admit Admissions Tip: Navigating The Waitlist

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While the past few weeks have seen a number of admits and rejections handed down to round one MBA applicants, the fate of many remains uncertain. There is no reason for waitlisted candidates to lose hope, as the top...

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MBA Recruiting Expected to Pick Up in 2011

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An optimistic article in the International Business Times, "2011 is going to be a strong year for MBA recruiting," discusses the hopeful future of the MBA job market in the coming year. "The economy may not have come out of the downturn entirely," says Rebecca Joffrey,...

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MBA Admissions News Roundup: Diversity, Jobs, and China

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In a press article from last week, UC Berkeley Haas discusses the efforts it will be taking "to weave equity, inclusion, and diversity into the fabric of the business school's programs."  Specific initiatives include "a demonstration of the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and...

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CPA, Recommendations, Mistakes in MBA Application

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CPA for Someone with MST - get answers from a CPA within Big 4 Tax Ideas for Sanity - how do applicants maintain it Gifts for Recommenders under $25 Finding Mistakes in Applications AFTER Submission - OUCH!

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MIT Sloan Interview, HEC Paris Interview, Media and Entertainment Industry

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MIT Sloan Interview - what types of questions are they asking? HEC Paris Interview - what questions did they ask? Media & Entertainment Industry - who hires MBA graduates? You can even get an MBA on Facebook these days (marketing ploy?)

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London B-School, MBA Application, MBA Books, Business School Guides

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London B-School - interview questions Best MBA Application Tips - how to write a great essay MBA Books - good books to read prior to MBA Business School Guides Harvard Stanford Penn (Wharton) Chicago Booth MIT (Sloan)

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Knewton MBA News Roundup: Wharton’s New “Look” and East Meets West at B-School

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More and more business schools are revamping their curricula -- not only to remain competitive with one other, but also to ensure that their students are developing the skills necessary for success in today's changing world. Planning on getting an MBA in the near future?...

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