4 Tips For Indian Applicants

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Our 12 Terrific Tips blog series offers specialized advice for MBA applicants in a range of situations – from deciding between an MBA and EMBA program, to applying as a member of an overpopulated sub-group, to acing your interviews…and loads more! Here’s the next post: Are you an Indian applying...

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INSEAD 2016 MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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INSEAD continues to buck a trend – whereas many b-school applications have recently leaned toward “minimalist” essays and/or just require one, INSEAD still asks you to write several thought-provoking and challenging essays.  In the program with perhaps the most intensive global focus, verbal acuity matters,...

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Fortuna Admissions was asked by The Economist to write a multi-part series explaining how to improve your chance of getting into a top business school. Our experts from top MBA programs, including Wharton, INSEAD, Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth, IE Business School, Kellogg, NYU Stern,...

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Passion = Action + Dedication

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When one thinks of passion, one doesn’t generally think of investment bankers. But the admissions committees are looking for passion in their applicants; so how are you – a computer guy, an engineer, a biology major, or yes, an investment banker – going to show...

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Always Address These 4 Areas in the Optional MBA Essay

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The Tuck: 360 MBA Blog at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business has some timely advice on how to address all of those tricky situations in your b-school application you may wish you could just sweep under the rug. The optional essay is not something to use just...

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MBA Admissions Consultant Q&A

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Meet Adaobi Many of our clients tell us that what makes EXPARTUS unique and successful is the extensive experience our consultants have navigating the MBA admissions process – combined with their passion about their work and dedication their clients’ success. We want to introduce you to...

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$10M Trustee Gift to Boost Ethics and Leadership at USC Marshall

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The USC Marshall School of Business recently announced it has received a gift of $10 million from trustee Jerry Neely and his wife Nancy, long-time supporters of the University of Southern California, to establish the Jerry and Nancy Neely Leadership and Ethics Institute. According to the...

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Which High School Extracurriculars Are Right For Your Child?

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You already know why admissions committees want to know about extracurricular activities, and how to up the intensity. Now let’s talk about ECs from the point of view of the one participating – your kid! There are all sorts of activities out there, so today...

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Tuck 2016 MBA Essay Tips

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions The essay questions for the 2015-2016 MBA program at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business are now available, and they are not following the trend of schools requiring only a single essay for all applicants. Instead, the Tuck MBA application requires two essays of...

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MBA Interview Prep Services from Admissionado

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We see it all the time – applicants get invited to interview and mistakenly think their work is done. But it’s only just begun. The MBA interview is more important than ever. In the past few years, business schools have cut their essays in half, putting...

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