Planning ahead, perseverance,and hard work lead to success at MBA Programs

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There is no denying the fact that  planning ahead , perseverance,and hard work guarantee success at MBA programs.   Eduardo Silva , a Brazilain candidate's story is a testimony to this . Eduardo  worked with Poonam, founder and president myEssayReview, on his application for six...

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Georgetown McDonough Partners with Peace Corps for MBA Scholarship Program

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The Peace Corps has chosen Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business to join its Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship Program, the school announced this week. Coverdell Fellows will receive a rigorous business education that also prepares them to make a positive impact on the community through...

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The Best Online MBA Programs

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions The internet is changing the way we learn, and MBA programs are no exception. Online MBAs offer flexibility and cost efficiency that brick-and-mortar MBA programs can’t compete with. Although there are downsides to online MBAs too, like fewer networking opportunities, online programs are...

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How To Explain A Bad Grade Or Low GMAT Score

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Evolution has no will. [Apologies to any Creationists out there, but just indulge us for a moment…] If you think “the tornado” occurred because nature was feeling depressed one day, and took its self-image issues out on humanity, it would… not sit quite right. If that...

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How to Decide Between MBA Programs

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If  you’ve been accepted into more than one MBA program, congratulations! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how many people wish they were you right now. We certainly hope you understand how impressive this achievement is and have taken some time to celebrate accordingly. But,...

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How to Select an MBA Program Once Admitted

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Deciding between multiple MBA programs you’ve been admitted to is the best kind of dilemma to have, but it’s still a dilemma. It’s easy to feel torn. We had an applicant we worked with at EXPRTUS who ended up with a good result...

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Should You Apply to Grad School?

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To apply or not apply. That is the question many of you are asking yourselves as admissions deadlines approach. Is it time to go for the MBA? The JD? MD? PhD? Here’s the answer: it depends. It depends on you, your circumstances, and your goals. You're...

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Get Accepted to B-School with Low Stats [Live Webinar on Wed]

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There is not much time left to register for our upcoming webinar! Make sure to be there for what promises to be an enlightening, practical, and helpful presentation on how to get into top business schools despite low GMAT/GPA scores. Register ASAP for Get Accepted to Top B-Schools...

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To-Do List for Admitted, Waitlisted or Denied MBA Applicants

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With round two notifications pouring in from many schools, MBA hopefuls need to know what to do now, no matter which status group—admitted, waitlisted, denied—they fall into. Once the celebrating has died down, admitted applicants should focus on two things: getting their finances in order, and...

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3 Tips for Discussing Failure in Your MBA Application Essays

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“Business schools only want to accept candidates who are perfect, so I am going to make sure I show myself in the best possible light. Crickey. One of the essay questions is to tell them about a failure. What do I do now?” While this...

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